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Master's Degree Programs

M.B.A. Program for Japanese Managers


This program builds on USC non-credit course work that students complete in Japan through satellite broadcasting. These courses are designed to parallel the basic courses in the M.B.A. program (Business Economics, Macroeconomics for Managers, Marketing Management, Applied Managerial Statistics, Corporate Financial Reporting, Managerial Accounting, and Corporate Finance).

Having completed these courses, students may apply for admission to the program. Applications require all documentation required of applicants to the full-time Marshall M.B.A. program. For more information contact the Marshall M.B.A. Admissions Office, (213) 740-7846, Fax (213) 749-8520.

Sample Program

Applicants accepted to the M.B.A. for Japanese Managers program complete the degree requirements in 12 months of full-time work at Marshall.

summer (required courses)units
GSBA 529Strategic Formulation for Competitive Advantage3
GSBA 543Managerial Perspectives3

fall semesterunits
Graduate business electives15

spring semesterunits
Graduate business electives15

Graduate business electives12

Total units: 48