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Master's Degree Programs

Global Executive M.B.A. Program

The Global Executive M.B.A. program in Shanghai offers a thematic approach -- integrating the material and often delivering it with faculty from different disciplines teaching in a team format. The program is delivered in a lockstep fashion over a 21-month period in 13 modules. It includes 10 five-day modules in Shanghai, two 10-day modules at the Marshall School of Business in Los Angeles, and a study trip to another Asian country, plus assignments to be completed between classroom sessions and examinations. Shanghai sessions are taught at Antai School of Management at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China.


Applicants should have a minimum of eight years of work experience. General admission requirements apply except that in lieu of the TOEFL score, prospective applicants are pre-screened at the GEMBA office in Shanghai. The L.A. Global Executive M.B.A. office may be contacted by phone at (213) 740-8243, by fax at (213) 740-7559 or by email: To apply online, visit

Program Structure

This program uses a non-traditional interdisciplinary approach to executive and managerial education through “themes” that integrate various functional areas and address classic, yet dynamic, business issues.

Classes begin in May at the Antai School of Management at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China. Thereafter, the program continues in a series of content-specific themes during five-day sessions every six weeks, primarily at the Antai School. An experiential trip to another Asian country is scheduled in the second year. A two-week capstone program, held at the Marshall School in Los Angeles, concludes with Themes IX and X and commencement.

Year 1, summerUnits

Theme I
GSBA 560The Perspective of Top Management2

Theme II
GSBA 561Evaluating Market Performance9

year 1, fallUnits

Theme III
GSBA 562Management of Operations11

year 1, springUnits

Theme IV
GSBA 563Technology and Information Systems Management6

Year 2, summerUnits

Theme V
GSBA 564Functional Strategies and Implementation2

Theme VI
GSBA 570The Role of the Senior Executive2

YEAR 2, FallUnits

Theme VII
GSBA 571Environmental Analysis: Establishing Competitive Advantage9

Theme VIII
GSBA 572Strategic Planning for Growth11

Year 2, springUnits

Theme IX
GSBA 573Managing Strategic Change and Implementation6

Theme X
GSBA 574The Executive of the Future2

Total units required for degree: 60