University of Southern California
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Interdisciplinary Programs

Undergraduate Programs


Bachelor of Arts

American Studies and Ethnicity (see American Studies and Ethnicity)

American Studies and Ethnicity (African American Studies) (see American Studies and Ethnicity)

American Studies and Ethnicity (Asian American Studies) (see American Studies and Ethnicity)

American Studies and Ethnicity (Chicano/Latino Studies) (see American Studies and Ethnicity)

Animation and Digital Arts (see Cinematic Arts)

East Asian Area Studies (see East Asian Area Studies)

Environmental Studies: Business (see Environmental Studies)

Environmental Studies: Geography (see Environmental Studies)

Environmental Studies: Public Policy and Management (see Environmental Studies)

Environmental Studies: Social Sciences (see Environmental Studies)

Gender Studies

Health and Humanity

Interdisciplinary Archaeology (see Anthropology)

Interdisciplinary Studies

International Relations (Global Business) (see International Relations)

Linguistics/East Asian Languages and Cultures (see Linguistics)

Linguistics/Philosophy (see Linguistics)

Linguistics/Psychology (see Linguistics)


Religion, emphasis in Judaic Studies (see Religion)

Social Sciences, emphasis in Economics (see Economics)

Social Sciences, emphasis in History (see History)

Social Sciences, emphasis in Psychology (see Psychology)

Bachelor of Science

Biochemistry (see Biological Sciences)

Biophysics (see Physics and Astronomy)

Business Administration (Cinema-Television) (see Business)

Business Administration (East Asian Studies) (see Business)

Business Administration (International Relations) (see Business)

Computer Science/Business Administration (see Computer Science)

Economics/Mathematics (see Mathematics)

Environmental Studies: Biology (see Environmental Studies)

Environmental Studies: Chemistry (see Environmental Studies)

Environmental Studies: Earth Sciences (see Environmental Studies)

General Studies (see Education)

Physical Sciences (see Physics)

Physics/Computer Science (see Physics and Astronomy)


American Popular Culture (see American Studies and Ethnicity)

American Studies and Ethnicity (see American Studies and Ethnicity)

Ancient Religion and Classical Languages (see Religion)

Animation and Digital Arts (see Cinematic Arts)

Applied Theatre Arts/Education (see School of Theatre)

Arabic and Middle East Studies (see Linguistics)


Biotechnology (see Biological Sciences)

Business Law (see Business)

Children and Families in Urban America (see Social Work)

Coastal Ocean and Watershed Science (see Geography)

Communication and the Entertainment Industry (see Communication)

Communication Design (see Fine Arts)

Communication Law and Media Policy (see Communication)

Construction Planning and Management (see Engineering)

Consumer Behavior (see Interdisciplinary Programs)

Critical Approaches to Leadership (see Interdisciplinary Studies)

Cultural Studies (see English)

Cultures and Politics of the Pacific Rim (see East Asian Languages and Culture)

East Asian Area Studies (see East Asian Area Studies)

Education in a Pluralistic Society (see Education)

Engineering Management (see Engineering)

Engineering Technology Commercialization (see Engineering)

Environmental Planning and Development (see Environmental Studies)

Environmental Natural Sciences (see Environmental Studies)

Environmental Social Sciences (see Environmental Studies)

Forensics and Criminality (see Sociology)

Gender Studies

Geobiology (see Earth Sciences)

Geographic Information Science (see Geography)

Global Communication (see Communication)

Health Communication (see Communication)

Health Policy and Management (see Policy, Planning, and Development)

International Policy and Management (see International Relations)

International Urban Development (see International Relations)

Jewish American Studies (see American Studies and Ethnicity)

Judaic Studies

Law and Internet Technology (see Engineering)

Law and Public Policy (see Policy, Planning, and Development)

Law and Society (see Political Science)

Managing Human Relations

Mathematical Finance

Multimedia and Creative Technologies (see Engineering)

Musical Theatre (see Music)

Natural Science (see Biological Sciences)


Pacific Rim Development (see Geography)

Peace and Conflict Studies

Performing Arts Studies (see Theatre)

Political Organizing in the Digital Age

Psychology and Law (see Psychology)

Public Policy (see Policy, Planning, and Development)

Race, Ethnicity and Politics (see Political Science)

Russian Area Studies (see Slavic Languages and Literatures)

Southern California (see Geography)

Thematic Approaches to the Humanities and Society (see Thematic Option)

Theories of Art (see Philosophy)

3-D Animation (see Fine Arts)

Urban Neighborhood Studies

Video Game Design and Management (see Engineering)

Visual Culture (see Art History)


Collaborative Learning Projects (see Learner Centered Curricula)

Honors in Multimedia Scholarship (see Interdisciplinary Programs)

Individual Programs of Study (see Learner Centered Curricula)

Liberal Arts Modules (see Thematic Option)