University of Southern California
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Academic Policies

Academic Calendar

Summer Session 2006

May 15-16Registration
May 17Classes Begin
May 29Memorial Day, University Holiday
July 3-4Independence Day, University Holiday
July 5Thesis/Dissertation Submission
August 8Classes End

Fall Semester 2006

August 14-18Open Registration
August 21Classes Begin
September 4Labor Day, University Holiday
November 1Thesis/Dissertation Submission
November 23-25Thanksgiving, University Holiday
December 1Classes End
December 2-5Study Days
December 6-13Exams
December 14-January 7Winter Recess

Spring Semester 2007

January 4-5Open Registration
January 8Classes Begin
January 15Martin Luther King Day, University Holiday
February 19Presidentsí Day, University Holiday
March 12-17Spring Recess
April 2Thesis/Dissertation Submission
April 27Classes End
April 28-May 1Study Days
May 2-9Exams
May 11Commencement

Summer Session 2007

May 14-15Registration
May 16Classes Begin
May 28Memorial Day, University Holiday
July 2Thesis/Dissertation Submission
July 4Independence Day, University Holiday
August 7Classes End

Fall Semester 2007

August 20-24Open Registration
August 27Classes Begin
September 3Labor Day, University Holiday
November 1Thesis/Dissertation Submission
November 22-24Thanksgiving, University Holiday
December 7Classes End
December 8-11Study Days
December 12-19Exams
December 20-January 13Winter Recess

Spring Semester 2008

January 10-11Open Registration
January 14Classes Begin
January 21Martin Luther King Day, University Holiday
February 18Presidentsí Day, University Holiday
March 17-22Spring Recess
April 1Thesis/Dissertation Submission
May 2Classes End
May 3-6 Study Days
May 7-14Exams
May 16Commencement

Summer Session 2008

May 19-20Registration
May 21Classes Begin
May 26Memorial Day, University Holiday
July 1Thesis/Dissertation Submission
July 4Independence Day, University Holiday
August 12Classes End

Academic Calendars of the Professional Schools

Certain professional schools schedule the academic year according to differing calendars. These differences affect the deadlines for certain student actions (e.g., dropping or adding courses, registering for courses, obtaining refunds of tuition). Detailed information on these academic calendars is available from the individual schools.

Consult the Office of Student Affairs, Keck School of Medicine for the academic calendars of professional medical degree programs. The graduate programs in biochemistry, cell and neurobiology, microbiology, nurse anesthesia, pathology, physiology and biophysics, and preventive medicine follow the university calendar.

The academic year of the School of Dentistry is divided into three 14-week trimesters. The graduate program in craniofacial biology follows the university calendar.

Independent Health Professions
Programs in occupational science and occupational therapy and biokinesiology and physical therapy follow the university calendar. However, certain programs require entrance to a post-summer session.