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Master's Degree Programs

Master of Medical Management

This program is designed for physicians, three-five years out of residency, who are currently employed in the health care industry. Its structure includes intensive residential periods with significant project work required between residential periods. Non-residential instruction is supported via distance-learning tools.

Applications are due by November 30 for a program start date in late January. The application is available online at www.marshall.usc.edu/mmm. For additional information, contact the Office of Executive Education at (213) 740-8990 or by email at mmm@marshall.usc.edu.

This program requires 33 units that will be taken in lockstep fashion. These courses are thematic semesters that are interdisciplinary in nature.

GSBA 561Evaluating Market Performance9

GSBA 562Management of Operations11

GSBA 572Strategic Planning for Growth11

BAEP 549Initiating New Ventures2

Total units: 33