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USC Marshall School of Business

Courses of Instruction

Marketing (MKT)

MKT 405 Advertising and Promotion Management (4, FaSp) Role of advertising in the marketing mix: determining objectives, strategies, and plans from situation analysis through research and creative processes, media selection, and sales promotion. Prerequisite: BUAD 307, COMM 200, COMM 302 or JOUR 340.

MKT 406 Practicum in Advertising and Promotion Design (4, Sp) Provides real-life marketing experience as a member of a student managed marketing/advertising/promotions agency. Work with a client organization on the design of an advertising/promotions campaign. Requires market research, creative design, implementation planning, and client presentation. Prerequisite: MKT 405 or JOUR 340.

MKT 410 Professional Selling (4) Learn the principles of business to business selling and its function in marketing strategy and the marketing mix; explore professional selling as a career option. Open only to undergraduate business majors. Prerequisite: BUAD 307.

MKT 415 Sales Force Management (4, FaSp) Studies the role of managing the selling function as part of the marketing mix; planning, implementing, and controlling sales force operations; critical issues in selecting, training, compensating and supervising salespeople.

MKT 425 Direct Response and Internet Marketing (4, Sp) Role of direct response marketing in promotion and distribution including mail order marketing, Internet marketing, project testing, fulfillment management, career opportunities; case analyses. Prerequisite: BUAD 307.

MKT 430 Retail Management (4, Fa) Introduction to the functions of retail management including location, buying, merchandise management, layout, pricing, and promotion; application of concepts to various retail institutions.

MKT 435 Business to Business Marketing (4, Fa) Analysis of markets, nature of buying and selling, marketing intelligence, developing marketing strategy; product channel, price, promotion, setting strategic goals and measuring performance. Prerequisite: BUAD 307.

MKT 440 Marketing Analysis and Strategy (4, FaSp) Synthesis of concepts and applications relating to the analysis of market opportunities and the development of product, promotion, distribution, and pricing strategies. Prerequisite: BUAD 307; recommended during student’s final semesters.

MKT 445 New Product Development and Branding (4, Fa) Examines how new product ideas are developed, test marketed and ultimately brought to the marketplace. Issues about why new products fail and how brand images are managed in the marketplace are discussed. Legal aspects of brand management such as trademark protection and infringement are also addressed. Prerequisite: BUAD 307.

MKT 446 Practicum in New Product Development (4, FaSpSm) Provides experience in a student managed product team. Work with R&D organization to design a new product or technology. Involves market research and implementation planning. Open to junior and senior business students only. Prerequisite: BUAD 307 and MKT 445.

MKT 450 Consumer Behavior and Marketing (4, FaSp) Examines the relationship of consumer behavior to acquisition, usage, and disposition of products and the psychological, social and cultural influences that affect these decisions.

MKT 463 Pricing Strategies (4, FaSp) Examination of role of pricing decisions; innovative pricing theories; Internet and technology impact on pricing, price negotiations, customized pricing, price image and reference prices. Prerequisite: BUAD 307.

MKT 465 Global Marketing Management (4) Product and service mix in multinational business; promotional alternatives; channel of distribution systems; pricing policies and legal barriers; multinational marketing opportunities; problems and information sources. Prerequisite: BUAD 307.

MKT 470 Marketing Research (4, Sp) Skills needed to conduct and apply research for marketing decision-making; problem formulation, secondary data, primary research, fundamentals of analysis are covered. Prerequisite: BUAD 307 or JOUR 340; recommended preparation: BUAD 310.

MKT 512 Marketing and Consumer Research (3, FaSp) Marketing research concepts and techniques; developing managers’ ability to critically evaluate and utilize research information in the decision-making process. Prerequisite: GSBA 509a or GSBA 528.

MKT 525 Consumer Behavior (3, FaSp) Theories and applications of consumer behavior in marketing; psychological, social, cultural and ethnic factors influencing consumer behavior. Prerequisite: GSBA 509a or GSBA 528.

MKT 526 Advertising and Promotion Strategy (3, FaSpSm) Explains use of argument, emotion, endorsements for persuasive ads; tools for analyzing ad effectiveness, budgeting, media planning and scheduling; principles of pricing for creative promotion. Prerequisite: GSBA 509a or GSBA 528.

This new course is available beginning fall 2011.

MKT 528 Sales Management: The Art and Science of Sales (3, FaSp) Emphasis on creating a sales strategy, planning and delivery of sales presentations, and techniques to persuade people to change their opinions in face-to-face meetings. Open only to master’s students. Prerequisite: GSBA 509a or GSBA 528.

MKT 529 Customer Relationship Management (3, Irregular) Development, analysis, evaluation and implementation of effective customer relationship management (CRM) programs. Prerequisite: GSBA 509a or GSBA 528.

MKT 530 New Product Development (3, FaSpSm) Systematic approach to product development and management; processes, techniques, and concepts firms use to develop, test, and introduce products and to manage products over their lifecycle. Open only to graduate students in business. Prerequisite: GSBA 509a or GSBA 528.

MKT 531 Services Marketing Strategy (3, Sp) Analysis and development of sound marketing strategies and an integrated service management plan for service organizations. Examination of best practices among leading service providers. Prerequisite: GSBA 509a or GSBA 528.

MKT 533 Branding Strategy (3, Sp) Comprehensive treatment of the behavioral foundations of brands and brand development. Exploration of alternative branding strategies and marketing tools for brand development. Prerequisite: GSBA 509a or GSBA 528.

MKT 535 Business Marketing Management (3, Irregular) Business-to-business and government market opportunities and marketing strategies; product development and adaptation, pricing, promotion and distribution to organizations as opposed to individual consumers. Recommended preparation: GSBA 509b or GSBA 528.

MKT 536 Pricing Strategies (3, Sp) The complexity of pricing is increasing due to globalization and the Internet. This course will develop a framework for developing strategic pricing decisions. Prerequisite: GSBA 509a or GSBA 528.

MKT 540 Marketing Models (3, Irregular) Analysis, use, and evaluation of quantitative and theoretical models of marketing management, consumer response, marketing resource use and control, and competitive interaction. Recommended preparation: GSBA 509 or GSBA 528.

MKT 543 Market Demand and Sales Forecasting (3, FaSp) New product concept testing and life cycle forecasting, pricing and advertising response forecasting, consumer purchase intentions, judgmental marketing decision models, time series and regression analysis, computer methods. Prerequisite: GSBA 509a or GSBA 528.

MKT 555 Marketing Channels (3, FaSp) Examination of strategic decision making in marketing channels with emphasis on the structure and management of channels. Intensity in distribution, vertical integration, how roles in the channel are formulated, types of intermediaries and multiple channels of distribution. Prerequisite: GSBA 509a or GSBA 528.

MKT 556 Internet Marketing (3, FaSp) All aspects of Internet marketing. Internet as a tool for marketing communication, sales and distribution, customer management. Role of paid advertising, search engines, Website design. Prerequisite: GSBA 509a or GSBA 528.

MKT 560 Marketing Strategy and Policy (3, FaSp) Integrated approach to the use of marketing tools and concepts in the formulation and execution of a marketing plan. Prerequisite: GSBA 509a or GSBA 528.

MKT 565 Global Marketing (3, FaSp) Variations in markets and trade patterns around the globe; product development and adaptation, pricing, promotion, and distribution issues across national cultures and international markets. Prerequisite: GSBA 509a or GSBA 528.

MKT 569 Contemporary Marketing Problems (3, Irregular) Current trends in marketing; elements of a marketing program; solution of problems facing the marketing executive; societal issues in marketing.

MKT 580 Strategies for Fostering Creativity in Business (3, Fa) An experiential course focused on understanding and developing the creative process. Creative exercises and techniques are developed and applied within a business context. Open only to master’s and doctoral students in accounting and business administration.

MKT 585 Marketing Radical Innovation (3, FaSpSm) Study and application of new technology to create new business models, products, and services in world economies. Group projects focused on practical applications of concepts. (Duplicates credit in former GSBA 585.) Prerequisite: GSBA 509a or GSBA 528.

MKT 590 Directed Research (1-12, FaSpSm) Research leading to the master’s degree. Maximum units which may be applied to the degree to be determined by the department. Graded CR/NC

MKT 592 Field Research in Business (.5-4, max 12, FaSpSm) (Enroll in GSBA 592)

MKT 593 Independent Research in Business (.5-4, max 12, FaSpSm) (Enroll in GSBA 593)

MKT 595 Internship in Business (.5-2, max 9, FaSpSm) (Enroll in GSBA 595)

MKT 596 Research Practicum in Business (.5-2, max 8, FaSpSm) (Enroll in GSBA 596)

MKT 597 Consulting Project in Marketing (.5-5, max 12, FaSp) Individual or team project solving real business problems for an existing business entity, domestic and/or international. Proposal, field research, analyses and oral and written presentations. Open only to master’s and doctoral students. Graded CR/NC.

MKT 599 Special Topics (1, 1.5, 2, or 3, max 9, FaSpSm) Examination of current literature and emerging and timely topics in marketing, social marketing, consumerism, macromarketing, marketing of individuals, organizations, and ideas. Prerequisite: GSBA 509a or GSBA 528.

MKT 613 Marketing Models in Consumer and Business-to-Business Markets (3, Fa) Modeling research on marketing with a focus on channel structure, franchising and sales force compensation, innovation and diffusion, inter-store composition, sales promotions, and market segmentation. (Duplicates credit in former MKT 605 and former MKT 613a.) Open to doctoral program in business administration students only.

MKT 614 Advanced Research Methods in Marketing (3, Sp) Applications of advanced research techniques and designs to marketing problems; review and critique of current literature; development and defense of student’s own research proposal. (Duplicates credit in former MKT 661.)

MKT 615 Strategic and Marketing Mix Models (3, Sp) Modeling research on marketing with a focus on discrete choice models, consideration set models, purchase timing models, accounting for consumer heterogeneity, Bayesian models, dynamic models of consumer choice, market entry effects, product quality, advertising and carry over effects, price, and promotion. (Duplicates credit in former MKT 605 and former MKT 613b.) Open to doctoral program in business administration students only.

MKT 616 Understanding Consumer and Organizational Buying Behavior (3, Fa) Behavioral research and theory on marketing with a focus on goals, emotions, categorization and knowledge, inferences, attitudes, consumption, marketing and technology, organizational learning, new product development. (Duplicates credit in former MKT 602 and former MKT 612a.) Open to doctoral program in business administration students only.

MKT 618 Buyer Behavior and Interorganizational Marketing (3, Fa) Behavioral research and theory on marketing with a focus on branding and brand extensions, framing, consideration set formation, variety seeking, consumer overspending, marketing orientation, buyer seller relationships, channel integration, supply chain management, inter-firm power and relationship marketing. (Duplicates credit in former MKT 602 and former MKT 612b.) Open to doctoral program in business administration students only.