University of Southern California
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Undergraduate Education

Diversity Course List

AHIS 250m Modernity and Difference: Critical Approaches to Modern Art (4)
AHIS 304m Italian Renaissance Art: Old Masters and Old Mistresses (4)
AHIS 363m Race, Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Art (4)
AHIS 364m Myths, Arts, Realities: Visual Culture in California, 1849 to the Present (4)
AHIS 365m African American Art (4)
AHIS 475m Blackness in American Visual Culture (4)
AMST 101gm Race and Class in Los Angeles (4)
AMST 135gm Peoples and Cultures of the Americas (4)
AMST 200m Introduction to American Studies and Ethnicity (4)
AMST 202m Interethnic Diversity in the West (4)
AMST 206m The Politics and Culture of the 1960s (4)
AMST 220m The Making of Asian America (4)
AMST 250gm The African Diaspora (4)
AMST 252gm Black Social Movements in the United States
AMST 274gm Exploring Ethnicity Through Film (4)
AMST 285m African American Popular Culture (4)
AMST 330m Jazz and the Political Imagination (4)
AMST 342gm Law and Identities (4)
AMST 357m Latino Social Movements (4)
AMST 377m Legacies of Viet Nam (4)
AMST 378m Introduction to Asian American History (4)
AMST 395m African American Humor and Culture (4)
AMST 448m Chicano and Latino Literature (4)
AMST 449m Asian-American Literature (4)
AMST 466m The Psychology of African Americans (4)
ANTH 240gm Collective Identity and Political Violence: Representing 9/11 (4)
ANTH 316gm North American Indians in American Public Life (4)
ANTH 328m Culture Change and the Mexican People (4)
ANTH 371m Cross-Cultural Research on Urban Gangs (4)
ARCH 440m Literature and the Urban Experience (4)
ARCH 442m Women's Spaces in History: "Hussies," "Harems" and "Housewives" (4)
BUCO 333m Communication in the Working World — Managing Diversity and Conflict (4)
CLAS 320gm Diversity and the Classical Western Tradition (4)
COLT 374gm Women Writers in Europe and America (4)
COLT 445m Europe and the Writing of Others (4)
COMM 324m Intercultural Communication (4)
COMM 383m Sports, Communication and Culture (4)
COMM 395m Gender, Media and Communication (4)
COMM 458m Race and Ethnicity in Entertainment and the Arts (4)
COMM 465m Gender in Media Industries and Products (4)
CTCS 192m Race, Class and Gender in American Film (4)
EALC 335m Literature of the Korean People (4)
EASC 160gm China and the World (4)
EDCO 102xm Human Diversity: People, Power and Politics (4)
EDCO 324m Asian American Psychology (4)
ENGL 444m Native American Literature (4)
ENGL 445m The Literatures of America: Cross-Cultural Perspectives (4)
ENGL 447m African-American Narrative (4)
ENGL 474m Literature, Nationality and Otherness (4)
ENGL 476m Images of Women in Contemporary Culture (4)
ENGL 478m Sexual/Textual Diversity (4)
FBE 428m Principles of Employment Law (4)
FREN 370m Equality and Difference Around the Enlightenment (4)
GEOG 100gm Los Angeles and the American Dream (4)
GEOG 215gm Ethnicity and Place (4)
GEOG 340m Latino L.A. (4)
GEOG 350m Race and Environmentalism (4)
GERO 380m Diversity in Aging (4)
GERO 435m Women and Aging: Psychological, Social and Political Implications (4)
HIST 200gm The American Experience (4)
HIST 245gm Gender and Sexualities in American History (4)
HP 400m Culture, Lifestyle, and Health (4)
HP 420m Gender and Minority Health Issues (4)
JOUR 466m People of Color and the News Media (4)
JOUR 468m The American Press and Issues of Sexual Diversity (4)
MDA 167gm Marginal Groups in America (4)
MOR 385m Business in a Diverse Society (4)
MUJZ 100xm Jazz: A History of America's Music (4)
MUJZ 419m The Jazz Experience: Myths and Culture (4)
MUSC 400m The Broadway Musical: Reflection of American Diversity, Issues and Experiences (4)
MUSC 420m Hip-Hop Music and Culture (4)
MUSC 430m Music and the Holocaust (4)
MUSC 450m The Music of Black Americans (4)
PHIL 137gm Social Ethics for Earthlings and Others (4)
POSC 333m Stigma and Society: Physical Disability in America (4)
POSC 424m Political Participation and American Diversity (4)
POSC 441m Cultural Diversity and the Law (4)
POSC 442m The Politics of Human Differences: Diversity and Discrimination (4)
PPD 100m Los Angeles, The Enduring Pueblo (4)
PPD 250m Third World Cities (4)
PPD 260m Planning, Diversity and Space (4)
PPD 300m Design and Quality (4)
PPD 302m Urban Sleuths: Exploring People and Places in Cities (4)
PPD 352am Los Angeles Mini Semester (4)
PPD 372m Public Service in an Urban Setting (4)
PPD 485m U.S. Immigration Policy (4)
PSYC 462m Minority Mental Health (4)
REL 145m Religion in Los Angeles (4)
REL 336m Re-viewing Religion in Asian America (4)
SOCI 142gm Diversity and Racial Conflict (4)
SOCI 150gm Social Problems (4)
SOCI 169gm Changing Family Forms (4)
SOCI 200m Introduction to Sociology (4)
SOCI 250gm Grassroots Participation in Global Perspective (4)
SOCI 305m Sociology of Childhood (4)
SOCI 342m Race Relations (4)
SOCI 355m Immigrants in the United States (4)
SOCI 356m Mexican Immigrants in a Diverse Society (4)
SOCI 360m Social Inequality: Class, Status, and Power (4)
SOCI 366m Chicana and Latina Experiences (4)
SOCI 375m Asian Americans: Ethnic Identity (4)
SOCI 376m Contemporary Issues in Asian American Communities (4)
SOCI 432m Racial and Ethnic Relations in a Global Society (4)
SOCI 435m Women in Society (4)
SOCI 437m Sexuality and Society (4)
SOWK 200xm Institutional Inequality in American Political and Social Policy (4)
SPAN 413m Social and Geographic Varieties of Spanish (4)
SWMS 210gm Social Issues in Gender (4)
SWMS 301m Introduction to Feminist Theory and the Women's and Men's Movements (4)
SWMS 364m Racial and Ethnic Women in America (4)
SWMS 384m Overcoming Prejudice (4)
SWMS 385m Men and Masculinity (4)
SWMS 455m Gender and Sport (4)
THTR 393m Cultural Identities in Performance (4)
THTR 395m Drama as Human Relations (4)
THTR 476m African American Theatre (4)
THTR 488m Theatre in the Community (4)