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Degree Requirements

Minor Programs

Minor in Applied Theatre Arts

Applied theatre arts is a field of study addressing the theory and practice of applying theatre arts in non-traditional settings with emphases that include education, therapy and social change. The minor in applied theatre arts addresses the theory and practice of applying theatre skills in these environments to promote engaged and enlivened interactive critical thinking and community development from a performative perspective. ATA minors learn how to turn passive spectators into more active participants through the process of theatre.

Courses taken for this minor may not duplicate requirements for a student’s major or other minor program requirements:

Foundation Skills Courses (8 Units)units
It is recommended these be taken first:
THTR 101Introduction to Acting4
THTR 305aDirecting4

ATA Focus Courses (12 Units)units
It is recommended these be taken after foundation skills courses:
THTR 468Theatre in Education4
THTR 477Theatre and Therapy4
THTR 488Theatre in the Community4

Minor in Theatre

This general minor in theatre invites students to explore the many facets of this exciting field. Students have the opportunity to take a variety of classes in acting, playwriting, literature, state management, directing, costume design and production. The curriculum is very flexible and encourages students to develop a primary interest for upper-division course work. All minor students are eligible to participate in performance and production projects.

Required coursesUnits
THTR 101Introduction to Acting, or
THTR 125Text Studies for Production4
THTR 130Introduction to Theatrical Production2

One of the following:
THTR 301Greek and Roman Theatre4
THTR 302Shakespeare in His World4
THTR 313Comedy of Manners4
THTR 314Advanced Topics in Modern Drama4
THTR 476African American Theatre4
Required upper-division THTR electives:14
Required theatre units:24

Minor in Dance

The minor in dance is open to all undergraduates, including theatre majors, and is a 27-28 unit program. Students applying to this minor must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 (A = 4.0).

Upper Division Required courses (16 Units)units
THTR 380Historical Approaches to Dance4
THTR 388Senior Seminar in Dance4
THTR 482Choreography for Television4
THTR 483Dance Performance4

Electives (11-12 units)units
THTR 280Dance as an Art Form4
THTR 282Activities for Professional Preparation: Dance1
(concurrent enrollment in a 2-unit, 100-level technique course* required)
THTR 285Elements of Dance Production4
THTR 385Choreography and Performance4

*Technique Coursesunits
THTR 181aModern Dance2
THTR 181bModern Dance2
THTR 182aAdvanced Modern Dance2
THTR 182bAdvanced Modern Dance2
THTR 183aBallet2
THTR 183bBallet2
THTR 183cBallet2
THTR 183dBallet2
THTR 184aJazz Dance2
THTR 184bJazz Dance2
THTR 184cJazz Dance2
THTR 188aInternational Style Ballroom Dance (to include folk and square dance)2
THTR 188bInternational Style Ballroom Dance2

Minor in Musical Theatre

The minor in musical theatre, interdisciplinary in nature, is a 27-unit program incorporating the study of acting, dance or movement, vocal arts and related musical subjects. Admission to the minor requires an audition for music but not for theatre. See the Thornton School of Music, here, for requirements.

Minor in Performing Arts Studies

The minor in performing arts provides an interdisciplinary inquiry into the nature and aesthetics of the performing arts. It combines the disciplines of cinematic arts, dance, music and theatre. The minor is a unique course of study that looks at how the performing arts contribute to a culturally literate society. The minor in performing arts studies is a 20-unit program.

Required coursesUnits
Required capstone course:
THTR 403The Performing Arts4

Plus a minimum of four courses (16 units) from the following list. Three courses (12 units) must be upper division. One course (4 units) must be selected from each school.
CTCS 190Introduction to Cinema4
CTCS 200History of the International Cinema I4
CTCS 201History of the International Cinema II4
CTCS 392History of the American Film, 1925-19504
CTCS 393History of the American Film, 1946-19754
CTCS 404Television Criticism and Theory4
CTCS 464Film and/or Television Genres4
CTCS 469Film and/or Television Style Analysis4
MUHL 302Musical Cultures of the World4
MUJZ 100xJazz: A History of America’s Music4
MUSC 400The Broadway Musical: Reflection of American Diversity, Issues, and Experiences4
THTR 201Introduction to the Theatre4
THTR 280Dance as an Art Form4
THTR 300Introduction to Modern Drama4
THTR 301Greek and Roman Theatre4
THTR 302Shakespeare in His World4
THTR 380Historical Approaches to Dance4
THTR 385Choreography and Performance4
THTR 404Acting Theory4
THTR 493abPeriods and Styles2-2
Total units required:20

Note for cinematic arts, music and theatre majors: cinema majors take 8 units of music and 8 units of theatre; music majors take 8 units of cinema and 8 units of theatre; theatre majors take 8 units of cinema and 8 units of music.

Minor in Playwriting

The minor in playwriting presents undergraduate students who are not theatre majors with a concentration in the discipline of playwriting as a means for broadening and deepening expression using the literary and performing arts. This minor offers a foundation for extended expression in dramatic writing and creative writing genres in general; fostering skills in research, development, communication, collaboration and craftsmanship in the process of preparing a play for its realization on stage. The minor in playwriting is a 20-unit program.

Required CoursesUnits
THTR 101Introduction to Acting, or
THTR 125Text Studies for Production4
THTR 305aDirecting4
THTR 365Playwriting I4
THTR 366Playwriting II4
THTR 479Solo Performance 4