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Tuition and Fees

The tuition and fees listed below are estimated for fall semester, 2011. All fees are subject to change without notice by action of the University of Southern California Board of Trustees. The university reserves the right to assess new fees or charges. Tuition is not refundable; late registration fees are mandatory and cannot be waived.

Tuition for each semester of the medical school curriculum is due and payable at the beginning of the semester. Registration is not permitted after the third week of instruction. Late payment of tuition is subject to a mandatory late fee. Average budgets for medical students will vary according to their year in the curriculum. Sample budgets for Year I, Year II, and the Junior/Senior Continuum may be requested from the Office of Financial Aid. Tuition, mandatory fees and parking are the same for all years.

Tuition for courses of the graduate curriculum is based upon the number of units assigned to each course. The Graduate Degree Programs section provides a department-by-department list of graduate course titles; the number following each title indicates the number of units for which tuition is charged. Late payment of tuition is subject to a mandatory late fee.

Required Fees (Estimated)

Academic Year Tuition (two semesters)$48,452
Graduate Tuition (per unit)1,420
Student Health Service Fee (annual)488
Student Programming Fee (graduate)71
Student Services Fee25
Norman Topping Scholarship Fee16
Health Insurance1,109
Annual Dental Rate136
Malpractice Insurance25 (per term)
Disability Insurance61 (per term)

Optional Fees

Parking fee, per semester (see Tuition and Fees).