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Undergraduate Programs

B.A. Philosophy, Politics and Law

This interdisciplinary program consists of nine courses chosen from philosophy, political science, law and anthropology courses. See Philosophy for degree requirements.

Minor in Law and Public Policy

The minor in law and public policy draws upon four fields of study: public policy and management, law, economics and political science. It provides students with an understanding of the political and economic contexts in which laws are made, as well as how legal institutions shape policy formulation. Students learn to analyze the consequences of policy and alternatives; the roles played by government, business and nonprofit organizations in public decision-making; and the legal bases for various areas of public policy. See Policy, Planning, and Development for requirements.

Minor in Law and Society

This interdisciplinary program focuses on the effect of law on society and the way in which social forces influence the legal system. The idea is that students will understand the law if they look beyond “law in books” to “law in action.” See Political Science for requirements.

Minor in Psychology and Law

This interdisciplinary minor brings together courses in psychology that focus on the social, ethical, cognitive and societal aspects of psychology and how it relates to law. This knowledge is augmented with law courses that identify the relationship between mental health, social psychology and law. See Psychology for requirements.