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Materials Science – Mork Family Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Minor in Materials Science

A minor in materials science is open to all undergraduate students in engineering. This minor provides students with the background and skills necessary to understand and use advanced materials in different engineering applications. Students are required to complete a minimum of 16 units of course work consisting of both core requirements and elective courses. Students must include at least four upper division courses of either three or four units in the minor program.

Students must apply to the Viterbi School of Engineering for the minor, and departmental approval is required. The program is outlined as follows:

Required coursesunits
CE 225Mechanics of Deformable Bodies3
CHE 476Chemical Engineering Materials, or
CE 334LMechanical Behavior of Materials3
MASC 310Materials Behavior and Processing3
MASC 440Materials and the Environment3
Advisor approved electives(minimum) 4

BME 410Introduction to Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering3
CE 334LMechanical Behavior of Materials3
CE 428Mechanics of Materials3
CE 467LGeotechnical Engineering4
CHE 472Polymer Science and Engineering3
CHE 476Chemical Engineering Materials3
MASC 350Nanostructured Materials: Design, Synthesis, and Processing3
MASC 439Principles of Semiconductor Processing3

Master of Science in Materials Science

In addition to the general requirements for the Master of Science degree, add the following required courses: CHE 501; EE 471; MASC 501, MASC 503, MASC 504, MASC 505 and MASC 561. The six remaining units for the degree may be electives chosen with departmental approval.

Engineer in Materials Science

Requirements for the Engineer in materials science degree are the same as set forth in the general requirements for graduate degrees.

Master of Science in Materials Engineering

Students with an interest in the characterization, selection and processing of engineering materials, and in materials problems related to engineering design may work toward a Master of Science in materials engineering. This degree is awarded in conformity with the general requirements of the Viterbi School of Engineering. Students may elect to work for this degree in either the Materials Science or Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering departments. The specific courses that constitute an acceptable program must be approved in advance by the administering department.

Doctor of Philosophy in Materials Science

The Doctor of Philosophy with a major in materials science is awarded in strict conformity with the general requirements of the USC Graduate School. It includes the course requirements for the Master of Science degree. See general requirements for graduate degrees.