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Applied Mechanics

Kaprielian Hall 210
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Bachelor of Science in Applied Mechanics

The requirement for this degree is 128 units. A grade point average of C (2.0) is required in all upper division engineering courses. This program is administered by the staff of the Departments of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering. Students may register in either of these two departments and still qualify for this degree. See common requirements for undergraduate degrees section.

composition/writing requirementsUnits
WRIT 140*Writing and Critical Reasoning4
WRIT 340Advanced Writing4

General Education (see here)units
General education* +24

Pre-major requirementsunits
Math Requirement
MATH 125Calculus I4
MATH 126Calculus II4
MATH 226Calculus III4
MATH 245Mathematics of Physics and Engineering I4
MATH 445Mathematics of Physics and Engineering II4

Physics Requirement
PHYS 151LFundamentals of Physics I: Mechanics and Thermodynamics4
PHYS 152Fundamentals of Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism4
PHYS 153LFundamentals of Physics III: Optics and Modern Physics4

Chemistry Elective
CHEM 105aLGeneral Chemistry4

Major requirementsUnits
Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
AME 310Engineering Thermodynamics I3
AME 341aMechoptronics Laboratory I3
AME 441aLSenior Projects Laboratory3

Civil Engineering
CE 205Statics2
CE 225Mechanics of Deformable Bodies3
CE 309Fluid Mechanics3
CE 325Dynamics3

Electrical Engineering
EE 326LEssentials of Electrical Engineering4

Major ElectivesUnits
Free electives**4
Technical electives28
Approved electives in computer programming4
Total units:128

* GE Category VI and WRIT 140 are taken concurrently.

** The choice of free electives in the fourth year requires approval of the administering department.

+The university allows engineering majors to replace the GE Category IV with a second course in Categories I, II or VI.