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Graduate Degrees

Dual Degree Program

Doctor of Education/Master of Business Administration

The Rossier School of Education and the Marshall School of Business jointly offer a dual degree program that emphasizes educational leadership and management competencies across the wide variety of education-related organizations in the public, non-profit and for-profit sectors and is designed to prepare students to assume executive leadership positions in these organizations, including schools, universities, educating businesses, regional, state and federal education agencies, education research institutions, and private foundations with education missions. Graduates of the Ed.D./M.B.A. program will be prepared to significantly improve the scope and quality of educational services to targeted populations through the application of management skills to the field of education and of education principles to business enterprises.

A total of 90 units is required for the dual degree: 48 units in the Marshall School of Business and 42 units in the Rossier School of Education.

Students must apply to both the Marshall School of Business and the Rossier School of Education.