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Courses of Instruction

Educational Psychology and Technology (EDPT)

EDPT 110 Motivation and Learning Strategies (4, FaSp) Applying research in cognitive psychology and motivation theory to improve students’ learning in different academic disciplines.

EDPT 310 Parental Influences on Children’s Educational Development (4, FaSp) Basic principles and theories of child development and learning with emphasis on parent-child, parent-school, and child-school relationships.

EDPT 490x Directed Research (2-8, max 8, Sp) Individual research and readings. Not available for graduate credit.

EDPT 502 Learning and Individual Differences (3, FaSpSm) Theory and research in learning, development, and individual differences, and social psychology related to education or training contexts.

EDPT 510 Human Learning (3, FaSp) Nature of the learning process; theories and problems of learning and their application to educational practice.

EDPT 511 Human Motivation in Education (3, FaSpSm) A survey of current research, theories and practical programs for enhancing the motivation of adults and children in education.

EDPT 520 Human Lifespan Development (3, FaSp) Fundamentals of human physical, motor, mental, social, and emotional development, spanning the prenatal period through late adulthood.

EDPT 540 Introduction to Educational Measurement and Evaluation (3, FaSp) Survey of theories, concepts, and procedures for assessing intellective and non-intellective characteristics and for evaluating individual and program performances.

EDPT 550 Statistical Inference (3, FaSpSm) Application of statistical techniques in education; emphasis on underlying principles and concepts coupled with selected inferential techniques using desk-top computer software.

EDPT 570 Language and Cultural Diversity in Learning (3, Fa) Analysis of current research and theory regarding the influences of language and culture on learning and cognition, with a special focus on academic achievement and instructional transactions.

EDPT 571 Instructional Design (3, FaSp) Formulation and design of effective instruction; emphasis on analysis of media characteristics and instrumentation requirements.

EDPT 576 Technology in Contemporary Education and Training (3, FaSp) Development and scope of instructional technology and its role in modern educational and training systems; overview of instructional development; innovation and trends in the field.

EDPT 642 Measurement Theory (3, Fa) Mathematical concepts and psychometric theory underlying test construction and interpretation; emphasis on current research in the area. Prerequisite: EDPT 652.

EDPT 652 Multiple Regression (3, Sp) Multiple regression, factorial analysis of variance, path analysis. Prerequisite: introductory statistics.

EDPT 654 Multivariate Statistical Techniques (3, FaSpSm) Multivariate statistical procedures in the analysis of behavioral inquiries; particular emphasis on multivariate analysis of variance. Prerequisite: EDPT 652.

EDPT 655 Advanced Research Methods in Education (3, Sp) Focuses on principles of research design in education including literature synthesis, formulation of research problem and questions, selection of methodology and integration of research proposal. Prerequisite: EDPT 550.