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Emeritus Professors: Gerhard Clausing, Ph.D.; Harold von Hofe, Ph.D.

Emeritus Associate Professor: Cornelius Schnauber, Ph.D.

The USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences offers a variety of courses from basic and advanced language classes to literature classes and general and cultural topics.

Note: students are no longer being admitted as majors in German.

German Minor Requirements

Required courses, Lower divisionUnits
GERM 101German I4
GERM 102German II4
GERM 201German III, Conversation and Composition4
GERM 221Conversational German IV, or the equivalent by test4

Required courses, Upper DivisionUnits
Four courses — 16 units in the two areas of concentration.
One course from the following:
GERM 310*Business German I4
GERM 311*Business German II4
GERM 470Advanced Composition and Stylistics4

*Prerequisite: GERM 201 or the equivalent by test.

Three elective courses from the following (only one course each from HIST and IR may be counted toward the minor):
GERM 320Composition and Conversation on Contemporary Affairs4
GERM 325Composition and Conversation in Cultural History4
GERM 330Introduction to Literary Studies4
GERM 346German Folklore and Popular Culture4
GERM 352Colloquium on Poetry4
GERM 353Colloquium on Prose4
GERM 36020th Century German Prose: Texts and Films4
GERM 410Profile of German Literature I4
GERM 420Profile of German Literature II4
HIST 323The Holocaust in 20th Century Europe4
HIST 414Contemporary Europe4
HIST 427The German Question: Nation and Identity in Modern Central Europe4
HIST 428Life and Death in Nazi Germany4
HIST 445Comparative History and Theory of Fascism and Nazism4
IR 369Contemporary European International Relations4
IR 385European Foreign Policy and Security Issues4
IR 468European Integration4
POSC 463European Politics4