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East Asian Area Studies

Undergraduate Degrees

B.A. in East Asian Area Studies Requirements

Requirements for the lower division are: EALC 110 and EASC 150 or the equivalent; a minimum of four courses in one East Asian language (or the proficiency equivalent); and seven upper division courses approved for the major in addition to the language courses used to meet the requirements. One lower division course other than EALC 110 and EASC 150 may be substituted for one of the seven upper division courses. Upper division courses must include those from at least three departments, one of which must be History. At least one course must be taken on two of the following: China, Japan or Korea.

B.S., Business Administration (East Asian Studies)

Business and East Asia is a joint program consisting of courses offered by both the Marshall School of Business and the East Asian Studies Center. Students successfully completing the program receive a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in East Asian Studies. The program is offered to freshmen admitted to the Marshall School of Business Freshman Leadership Program. See the Marshall School of Business for requirements.

Requirements for the Minor in East Asian Area Studies

The minor in East Asian Area Studies gives students the opportunity to supplement more narrowly defined departmental majors with a multidisciplinary focus on an area of increasingly great importance to our nation in general and our region in particular. There is no language requirement.

Twenty-four units are required from among the more than 120 courses offered on East Asia at the university. Students are required to take EALC 110 and EASC 150; and at least four upper-division four-unit courses (16 units). At least one of these courses must be from the History Department and one from the humanities area. At least one course must be taken on two of the following: China, Japan or Korea.

Minor in Korean Studies

The minor in Korean studies offers an interdisciplinary approach to studying a dynamic and crucial region. Drawing on courses from departments across the social sciences, humanities and professional schools, the minor challenges and stimulates students who wish to learn about the political, economic, social and cultural changes of the area.

Twenty units (five courses) are required. All students must take EASC 150 East Asian Societies or HIST 105 The Korean Past as a gateway course, as well as four upper-division four-unit courses from the list below. There is no language requirement for the minor.

Required CoursesUnits
EASC 150East Asian Societies, or
HIST 105The Korean Past4

Four 4-unit courses from the following:
CTCS 403**Studies in National and Regional Media4-8, max 8
CTCS 494**Advanced Critical Studies Seminar4-8, max 8
EALC 315*Advanced Korean I4
EALC 317Advanced Korean II4
EALC 332Korean Literature in English Translation4
EALC 344Korean Literature and Culture4
EALC 415Advanced Korean III4
EALC 417Advanced Korean IV4
EALC 418*Korean Writing in Mixed Script4
EALC 419*Newspaper and Documentary Korean4
EALC 429Gender in Korean Film and Literature4
EALC 499**Special Topics2-4, max 8
HIST 333Korea: The Modern Transformation4
HIST 404Seminar in Korean History4
HIST 498**Seminar on Selected Historical Topics4, max 8
IR 499**Special Topics2-4, max 8

*Prerequisite: EALC 217

**For these repeatable courses, only classes with Korean-based foci will count.