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American Studies and Ethnicity

Undergraduate Degrees

Bachelor of Arts, American Studies and Ethnicity (Chicano/Latino Studies)

Chicano/Latino Studies is a multidisciplinary program designed to provide students with a critical understanding of the historical, cultural, social and political experience of Chicanos and Latinos, with a particular emphasis on the development and culture of the Chicano/Latino communities in California and the West as well as on both historical and contemporary effects of global issues on Chicano/Latino communities. By drawing upon courses in American Studies and Ethnicity and by emphasizing comparative as well as interdisciplinary study, this program offers training in the analytic tools and methods of interpretation appropriate for studying the Chicano/Latino experience in its particularity and ethnic and cultural study in general. The program is particularly appropriate for students interested in integrating studies in the humanities and social sciences and for students preparing to work and interact with diverse communities and cultures in the United States and abroad in such fields as education, human services, business, journalism and public administration.

Chicano/Latino Studies is administered by an executive committee comprising the chair, directors of the four majors, and other faculty members. In addition to the college academic advisor, the directors of the majors serve as advisors to majors and minors, providing, in conjunction with the sequence of courses, an opportunity for students to undertake an interdisciplinary concentration under close faculty supervision. It is recommended that students meet with the appropriate major director to plan a coherent set of courses to fulfill the major or minor requirements.

Program Major Requirements
Ten courses in Chicano/Latino Studies, or courses certified for Chicano/Latino Studies credit, are required. The 10 courses must be distributed as follows: the three core requirement courses of AMST 200, AMST 350 and AMST 498; one course from each of the following three lists: History, Literature and Culture, and Social and Political Issues; and additional elective courses for a total of 16 units chosen from the courses certified in Chicano/Latino Studies at the 300 level or above.

Core RequirementsUnits
AMST 200Introduction to American Studies and Ethnicity4
AMST 350Junior Seminar in American Studies and Ethnicity: Theories and Methods4
AMST 498*Senior Seminar in American Studies and Ethnicity4

*Honors students will substitute AMST 492 Research Methods in American Studies and Ethnicity.

200/300/400-Level Required CoursesUnits
One course from each of the following categories:
AMST 373History of the Mexican American4
HIST 354Mexican Migration to the United States4

Literature and Culture
AMST 448Chicano and Latino Literature4
SPAN 413Social and Geographic Varieties of Spanish4

Social and Political Issues
AMST 100Los Angeles and the American Dream4
AMST 101Race and Class in Los Angeles4
AMST 140Borderlands in a Global Context4
AMST 274Exploring Ethnicity through Film4
AMST 340Latina/o L.A.4
AMST 357Latino Social Movements4
AMST 365Leadership in the Community – Internship4
AMST 389Carceral Geographies4
AMST 446Cultural Circuits in the Americas4
POSC 428Latino Politics4
PSYC 462Minority Mental Health4
REL 333Religion in the Borderlands4
SOCI 356Mexican Immigrants in a Diverse Society4
SOCI 366Chicana and Latina Sociology4

upper division elective coursesUnits
Additional courses for a total of 16 units from the lists above or below, or other American Studies and Ethnicity courses with the approval of the Chicano/Latino Studies director, 300 level or higher. No more than two total courses in the major may be taken outside the college.
AMST 301America, the Frontier, and the New West4
AMST 320Social Construction of Race and Citizenship4
AMST 353Race and Racism in the Americas4
AMST 392Undergraduate Research Methods2
AMST 452Race, Gender and Sexuality4
AMST 490xDirected Research2-8, max 8
AMST 493Senior Honors Thesis in American Studies and Ethnicity4
AMST 499Special Topics2-4, max 8
COMM 458Race and Ethnicity in Entertainment and the Arts4
GEOG 350Race and Environmentalism4
POSC 424Political Participation and American Diversity4
SOCI 432Racial and Ethnic Relations in a Global Society4