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Courses of Instruction

The terms indicated are expected but are not guaranteed. For the courses offered during any given term, consult the Schedule of Classes.

Note: Instructor availability for a particular course or section cannot be guaranteed.

Cinema-Television (CNTV)

CNTV 325 Film and Digital Cinematography (3, Sm) The craft of cinematography for film and digital media; includes lectures, on-set film and video production exercises, and scene studies.

CNTV 345 Health Issues in Entertainment Media (4, Fa) Examines ways in which entertainment media provide information about health and influence health behaviors. Provides background information about major chronic illnesses as well as major risk factors for illness as a foundation for discussions about the portrayal of health and illness in entertainment media.

CNTV 367 The Music Video: Business and Practice (4, Sm) Creating concepts, writing treatments, pitching, and the realities and details of music video production including budgeting, pre- and post-production. (Duplicates credit in CTPR 497 Music Video Production.)

CNTV 370 3-D Animation for Film and Video (4, Sm) The basics of 3-D computer animation techniques and their use in creating animated characters.

CNTV 372 Developing the Screenplay (2, Sm) The process of script development, examining a project from the initial idea and tracking its progress through to the completed screenplay ready for production.

CNTV 375 Breaking Into the Film Industry (2, Sm) An overview of the entertainment industry and the tools needed to secure jobs and survive and succeed in the market.

CNTV 390 Special Problems (1-4, Irregular) Supervised, individual studies. No more than one registration permitted. Enrollment by petition only.

CNTV 392 Beginning Digital Filmmaking (4, Sm) The basic technical and aesthetic concepts underlying motion picture production and an exploration of visual language.

CNTV 393 16mm Filmmaking: Structuring Scenes That Work (4, Sm) The creative and technical aspects of 16mm filmmaking, particularly as they apply to the short film or the individual scene.

CNTV 405 Studio Producing and Directing (4, Sm) Understanding the craft and art of directing in the studio system, and developing a working methodology for creative producing.

CNTV 410 Non-Fiction Filmmaking (4, Sm) Conceiving, researching, writing, producing, directing, and editing an original non-fiction work and exploring practical training in techniques of non-fiction film.

CNTV 411 Directing Intensive (4, Sm) An overview of the concerns, functions and responsibilities of the director. The core of the course is casting, producing and directing an individual project.

CNTV 413 Digital Editing (4, Sm) Introduction to non-linear editing techniques, hardware, digitizing, logging, and special effects, using the AVID Media Composer editing system.

CNTV 415 Commercial Production: The Art of the Sixty-Second Story (4, Sm) The three main components of commercials: agency creation, spot production, and post-production. Writing, pitching, casting, directing, and editing commercials.

CNTV 419 Inside the Business of Film and Television (4, FaSpSm) An overview of the contemporary studio system, independent films, and television, including script analysis, pitching, optioning properties, the marketplace, representation, career management, and networking.

CNTV 420 Independent Feature Filmmaking (2, FaSpSm) Independent feature film development, financing, production, and distribution. Discussions with independent filmmakers.

CNTV 463 Television: Integrating Creative and Business Objectives (2, Fa) An investigation of the creative and business sides of television and how they connect, including changes caused by fractionalization and digital technology. Open only to Business Administration (Cinematic Arts) students.

CNTV 490x Directed Research (2-8, max 8, FaSpSm) Individual research and readings. Not available for graduate credit.

CNTV 499 Special Topics (2-4, max 8) Selected topics in cinematic arts.

CNTV 521 The World of the Producer (4, FaSp) A comprehensive overview of the role of the producer in creating television programming, feature films, and new media content.

CNTV 522 The Television Industry: Networks, Cable and the Internet (4, FaSp) The current state of the television industry and future business paradigms.

CNTV 523 Feature Film Financing and the Studio System (4, FaSp) An overview of the motion picture studio system and how to finance feature films. Principles, business practices, and future trends.

CNTV 524 Digital Technologies and the Entertainment Industry (4, FaSp) The impact of digital technologies on the film, television, and music industries from content creation to distribution.

CNTV 525 Entertainment Marketing in Today’s Environment (4, FaSp) Entertainment industry marketing disciplines, covering motion pictures, television, music, theme parks, home entertainment, and video games. Current principles and business practices.

CNTV 589 Graduate Film Seminar (2 or 4, max 8, FaSp) Detailed investigations and discussion of various aspects of film.

CNTV 590 Directed Research (1-12, FaSpSm) Research leading to the master’s degree. Maximum units which may be applied to the degree to be determined by the department. Graded CR/NC.

CNTV 594abz Master’s Thesis (2-2-0, FaSpSm) Credit on acceptance of thesis. Graded IP/CR/NC.

CNTV 600 Historical Approaches to Media Arts and Culture (4, FaSp) Introduction to the historical specificities of “old” media (painting, print, photography, film, video, television) and to consequences of the convergences produced by “new” media forms.

CNTV 601 Seminar in Media and Design Studies (4, FaSp) Creation of a work of digital culture, informed by cultural theory, and planned using current design methods and practices.

CNTV 602 Practice of Media Arts (4, max 8, FaSp) Introduction to a range of technologies and media types, while identifying and developing a specialization in one or more areas of practice.

CNTV 603 Media Arts and Practice Colloquium/Professional Seminar (1, max 2, FaSp) Orientation to the profession, opportunities, presentation and analysis of recent developments and applications in Media Arts and Practice. Graded CR/NC.

CNTV 794abcdz Doctoral Dissertation (2-2-2-2-0, FaSpSm) Credit on acceptance of dissertation. Graded IP/CR/NC.