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Credential Programs

A credential is a license issued by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) to persons wishing to legally teach or perform certain other professional services in California’s public schools. USC is one of several institutions authorized to recommend qualified persons to the CCTC for receipt of credentials.

There are two categories of credentials offered in the Rossier School: teaching and service. Requirements for these credentials may be obtained by calling the appropriate phone number listed below. Credential requirements may change due to state law. Students are advised to consult periodically with the Rossier School of Education for current credential requirements.

Teaching Credentials

Multiple Subject Teaching (MST) authorizes the holder to teach many subjects within a self-contained classroom. This classroom situation is generally found in preschool and elementary grades.

Single Subject Teaching (SST) authorizes the holder to teach a specific academic area. This classroom situation is generally found in junior and senior high schools.

Multiple and Single Subject Teaching with a Bilingual Emphasis in Spanish or Korean (BCLAD) authorizes the holder with bilingual capabilities to teach to a bilingual student population.

For inquiries, contact the MAT@USC office at (213) 740-3259.

Service Credential

The Administrative Services Credential authorizes the individual to serve in any position requiring the credential. California has a two-tier credential structure. A five-year preliminary credential is the first credential issued after an individual meets basic credential requirements; a professional clear credential is issued when all credential requirements have been completed. The professional clear credential cannot be pursued until the candidate is employed in a position requiring an administrative credential and must be completed by the end of the five year period authorized by the preliminary credential. The Rossier School offers a program leading to recommendation for the professional clear administrative services credential. A prerequisite for admission to the professional clear administrative services credential program is admission to the Ed.D. program.

For inquiries, contact the Ed.D. Program Office, (213) 740-9323.

Pupil Personnel Services: School Counseling Credential authorizes the holder to develop, plan, implement and evaluate a school counseling and guidance program that includes academic, career, personal and social development; advocate for the high academic achievement and social development of all students; provide school-wide prevention and intervention strategies and counseling services; provide consultation, training and staff development to teachers and parents regarding students’ needs; and supervise a district-approved advisory program.

For inquiries, contact the Master’s Program Office, (213) 740-3255.