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School of Journalism

USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism 303
(213) 740-0900 (academic inquiries)
(213) 740-3914 (administrative)
(213) 821-0770 (admission inquiries)
FAX: (213) 740-8624

Director: Geneva Overholser, M.A.

Associate Director: Patricia K. Dean, M.S.

Assistant Director: Laura Castañeda, Ed.D.


Walter H. Annenberg Chair in Communication: Ernest J. Wilson III, Ph.D.

University Professor and Annenberg Family Chair in Communication Leadership: Geoffrey Cowan, LL.B.

Wallis Annenberg Chair in Journalism and Democracy: Jay T. Harris, B.A.

Knight Chair in Media and Religion: Diane Winston, Ph.D.

Provost’s Professor of Communication, Journalism and Cinematic Arts: Henry Jenkins, Ph.D.

Professors: K.C. Cole, B.A.; Geoffrey Cowan, LL.B.*; Ed Cray, B.A.; Félix Gutiérrez, Ph.D.; Jay T. Harris, B.A.; Henry Jenkins, Ph.D.; Bryce Nelson, M.Phil.*; Geneva Overholser, M.A.; Tim Page, B.A.; Michael Parks, B.A.; Joe Saltzman, M.S.*; Philip Seib, J.D.; Roberto Suro, M.S.

Associate Professors: William Celis, M.S., Jonathan Kotler, J.D.*; Joshua Kun, Ph.D.; Andrew Lih, M.S.; Judy Muller, B.A.; Larry Pryor, M.S.; Sandy Tolan, B.F.A.; Jian Wang, Ph.D.; Diane Winston, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor: Kjerstin Thorson, M.A.

Professors of Professional Practice: Patricia K. Dean, M.S.; Erna Smith, B.J.; Gerald Swerling, M.S.

Associate Professors of Professional Practice: Laura Castañeda, Ed.D.; Jennifer Floto, M.A.*

Assistant Professor of Professional Practice: Robert Hernandez, B.A.

Senior Lecturers: Serena Cha, M.S.; Marc Cooper; Mary Murphy, B.A.; Richard Reeves, M.E.

Lecturers: Sasha Anawalt, B.A.; Daniel Birman, M.A.; Dana Chinn, M.B.A.; Alan Mittelstaedt, B.A.; Stacy Scholder, B.A.; Willa Seidenberg, B.A.

Visiting Professor: Burghardt Tenderich, Ph.D.

Writer in Residence: Norman Corwin

Emeritus Professors: Murray Fromson; A.J. Langguth, B.A.; Clancy Sigal, B.A.

Emeritus Associate Professor: William Robert Faith, Ph.D.

*Recipient of university-wide or college teaching award.

Degree Programs

The School of Journalism offers Bachelor of Arts degrees in Print and Digital Journalism, Broadcast and Digital Journalism and Public Relations. It also offers minors in News Media and Society and Advertising. At the graduate level, Master of Arts degrees are awarded in Journalism, Specialized Journalism and Strategic Public Relations. Students completing the M.A. in Journalism must select an emphasis in print, broadcast or online. Journalism students learn the techniques of writing, reporting and production across all new media in print, broadcast and online. They also learn about the role of a free press in a democracy and the historical, legal and ethical aspects of journalism. The Print Journalism emphasis includes advanced courses in writing, reporting and editing for newspapers and magazines. The Broadcast Journalism emphasis includes advanced courses in radio and television news, documentary and public affairs. The Online Journalism emphasis provides a thorough grounding in Web site production combining traditional journalism with the ability to think flexibly in an interactive technical environment. The Specialized Journalism degree is designed for experienced professionals and recent journalism graduates interested in developing specialized reporting expertise. The Strategic Public Relations degree emphasizes the requisite skills of that discipline, with an emphasis on strategic problem solving, public relations theory and techniques, writing, research-based planning and analysis, case studies, and the application of the discipline to specific industry categories.

The school stresses a broad-based liberal arts education to enhance writing and reporting, and encourages undergraduate students to pursue double majors or minors in disciplines outside the school. In addition to offering international study programs, the school also provides specialized reporting classes in government and public affairs, international affairs, science, religion, education, urban ecology, demography, sports, entertainment, the environment, and the arts.

The school advises its students to participate in at least two internships before graduation. Annenberg’s Career Development Office has listings for paid and unpaid internships from around the country. All journalism majors are encouraged to write and report for the independent student newspaper, the Daily Trojan. All students should consider the multimedia journalism opportunities available with, the Annenberg Digital News. Broadcast majors also should plan to write and report for the three student-produced programs run by the school: Annenberg TV News, Annenberg Radio News and the “Impact” newsmagazine show.