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Master's Degree Programs

Master of Science in Business Administration

The Master of Science in Business Administration (M.S.) is designed to provide those who have already completed an M.B.A. with an opportunity to pursue further study in an area of specialization currently available to Marshall M.B.A. students. The degree is available to only those holding M.B.A. degrees from institutions accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). It may be completed on either a full- or part-time basis. Classes applicable to the degree are offered during both daytime and evening hours.

Prospective applicants are encouraged to visit the M.S. in Business Administration Web site at for more information about this very flexible curriculum.

Admission Requirements

Applicants may apply for admission to begin the program in the summer term or the fall or spring semesters. Application deadlines vary by semester, citizenship and registration goals. Details are available under the Calendar tab at

Successful applicants should have earned a GPA of 3.3 or greater in their M.B.A. course work, scored at least as well as an average Marshall M.B.A. student on the GMAT and have significant full-time work experience.

Application Procedure

Submit an online application to the M.S. program through the Marshall School of Business Admissions Web site ( International applicants are advised to see the instructions for international students published in the USC Graduate Admissions Application (

  • Current USC students and USC M.B.A. alumni are not required to submit an application fee, new GMAT scores or transcripts to verify degrees earned prior to their attendance at USC.
  • Applicants who completed the M.B.A. at an institution other than USC must submit all application documentation identified in the online application instructions including the application fee, official GMAT scores and transcripts.

For additional information, visit www.marshall., contact or call (213) 743-1588.

Program Structure and Unit Requirements

M.S. in Business Administration applicants are invited to consider areas of specialization available to Marshall M.B.A. students. While the student identifies an area of interest as part of the application process, final determination of course work requirements is made under the guidance of and subject to approval by a faculty advisor. The academic department reviewing the application recommends a faculty advisor for the new student, but applicants may request a specific faculty advisor from among the faculty of the Marshall School of Business.

Together the student and the faculty advisor determine which courses the student must complete. An evaluation of work previously completed determines if prior work needs updating to prepare for new course work. If it is determined that preliminary courses are needed, the number of units needed to complete the Master of Science degree will increase. The student’s program is then documented on an official program of study and filed with the M.S. program advisor.

Completion of the Master of Science degree requires a minimum of 26 graduate units for all candidates — up to 24 units of course work in the area of specialization and a minimum of 2 units of Directed Research.

None of the GSBA prefixed classes required for completion of a Marshall M.B.A. program may be applied toward the Master of Science in Business Administration unless they are required to update prior work and are added to the 26-unit total.

No courses numbered lower than 500 may be included in this program. No more than two courses or 8 units may be taken in graduate course work outside the Marshall School of Business.

A minimum of two units of Directed Research (590) must be included in the proposed program. The Directed Research project is intended to provide a capstone experience culminating in a research report in the area of specialization. The research will be conducted under the direction of an individual faculty member from the department in which the area of specialization is taken.