University of Southern California
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A Message from the President

C. L. Max Nikias

This catalogue will give you a strong introduction to USC and its vibrant academic offerings. As you look through it, the university’s extraordinary range of creative and scholarly programs will certainly inspire you, and I wish you every success as you choose classes for the coming year.

At USC we see our students’ education as all-encompassing. Our goal is to help you develop the intellectual and social skills you will need to thrive in our complex and ever-changing world. We want to challenge you to think creatively and deeply, and to be stretched by new ideas and perspectives.

To our undergraduate students, we urge you to experiment boldly in your studies. In planning your curriculum, you should examine our vast spectrum of minors, and perhaps pursue one that is widely separated from your major. Our list of minors now numbers over 150 — the broadest selection of any university in the country. These diverse options give you the ability to shape unique learning experiences that are tailored to your interests and passions.

For our graduate students, USC offers more than 300 graduate programs. This includes more than 80 doctoral programs and more than 200 master’s programs. Whatever your chosen field, we encourage you to venture outside your own school or department from time to time. True innovation happens where branches of knowledge converge. Here you will find classes and programs that will help you make those vital interdisciplinary connections.

To all of our students, I hope this catalogue kindles your creativity as you design your curriculum. All of us at USC stand ready to help you explore uncharted territories and even create new fields of study.

C. L. Max Nikias