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Undergraduate Minor

Minor in Education in a Pluralistic Society

This minor emphasizes the relationship between school and society. Students will study educational problems and issues and learn how they can participate, as individuals and as members of organizations, in the improvement of educational programs in their communities.

The minor will be of interest to students from a variety of backgrounds and interests: students majoring in social science areas such as anthropology, sociology, psychology and political science; future parents who will be sending their children to our nation's schools and participating in school improvement programs; international students who want to study the American educational system; and students entering professions such as law, medicine, social work, public administration and business where their work both impacts and is affected by the quality of students' educational experiences.

Required courses are two from Component A, three from Component B and the capstone course EDPT 490x. Twenty units of course work are required.

Component A: Societal Issues Affecting Education (two courses)
EDCO 324Asian American Psychology4
GEOG 350Race and Environmentalism4
HIST 455Advanced Topics in African-American History4
POSC 333Stigma and Society: Physical Disability in America4
POSC 427Black Politics in the American Political System4
POSC 442The Politics of Human Differences: Diversity and Discrimination4
PSYC 300Human Diversity: The Psychology of Individual Differences4
SOCI 305Sociology of Childhood4
SOCI 342Race Relations4
SOCI 355Immigrants in the United States4
SOCI 356Mexican Immigrants in a Diverse Society4
SOCI 360Social Inequality: Class, Status, and Power4
SWMS 364Racial and Ethnic Women in America 4
SWMS 384Overcoming Prejudice4

Component B: Creating Successful Learning Environments (three courses)
EDPA 302Global Education4
EDPA 308Politics and American Education4
EDPT 310Parental Influences on Children's Educational Development4
EDUC 204LSociological Foundations of Education, or
EDUC 205LChild Development and Learning3
EDUC 409Foundations of Language Education3

Capstone Course (enroll after at least one course in each component)
EDPT 490xDirected Research 2

Minor in Urban Neighborhood Studies

The focus of this minor is on the quality of urban life at the scale of the neighborhood or district. This is the location of the places of residence and work, of education and religion, of everyday life. The minor is supported by the four "urban schools" of USC: Architecture, Education, Social Work, and Policy, Planning, and Development. See Interdisciplinary Programs for course requirements.

Honors in Multimedia Scholarship

This program offers qualified undergraduate students an opportunity to approach their discipline(s) of study through the critical application of multimedia expression and scholarship. The student experience will be characterized by smaller classes taught by leading faculty members and enriched by a program of lecture series, visiting scholars, symposia and conferences. For complete program requirements, see Interdisciplinary Programs.