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The USC Catalogue is published by the Division of Student Affairs, Office of University Publications, (213) 740-2200. The catalogue is published in June 2009 as the document of authority for the following academic year.

Director: Sue Vogl

Editorial Staff: Diane Anderson, Evan Calbi, Alexis Young

Contributing Editors: Nathan Carter, Julie Wood

Photo Editor: Evan Calbi

Cover design by Rick Simner Design

Cover photography by Philip Channing © 2008 USC, John Livzey, S. Peter Lopez and Getty Images

Photography by Dan Avila, Sarah Bennett, Athan Bezaitis, Philip Channing, Steve Cohn, Roberto Gomez, Brian Goodman, Maria Iacobo, Jane Ilger, Audrey Mandelbaum, William Vasta and Kukla Vera

Catalogues may be ordered by writing:
Catalogue, c/o Distribution Center
3401 S. Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90007-2540
or by telephone.

Within the 213 area code and international:
(213) 740-9101

Outside the 213 area code inside the United States
(800) 447-8620