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School of Journalism

Courses of Instruction

Journalism (JOUR)

The terms indicated are expected but are not guaranteed. For the courses offered during any given term, consult the Schedule of Classes.

JOUR 090x Internships in the Media (1, max 8) Intensive experience in the news and other media. Minimum time requirement; enables students to acquire skills and knowledge that cannot be gained in the classroom. Graded CR/NC. Open to journalism majors only. Not available for degree credit.

JOUR 190 Introduction to Journalism (2, Fa) Survey of all media and outlets including print, broadcasting, public relations and online journalism, plus analysis of what it means to be a professional journalist.

JOUR 201 History of News in Modern America (4, FaSp) Understanding news today. A survey of how news is gathered, weighed, and disseminated and how historical events have shaped news in the 20th century.

JOUR 202 Newswriting: Print (3, Fa) Introduction to basic skills of print newswriting, news judgment, construction of print news stories. Social responsibility and ethical framework for print journalists. Typing ability required. Concurrent enrollment: JOUR 203.

JOUR 203 Newswriting: Broadcast (3, Fa) Introduction to broadcast newswriting with emphasis on the ear and eye. News judgment. Social responsibility and ethical framework for broadcast journalists. Typing ability required. Concurrent enrollment: JOUR 202.

JOUR 204 Newswriting: Online (2, Fa) Introduction to online newswriting with emphasis on context and relationship of topics to the story. Social responsibility and ethical framework for online journalists. Typing ability required.

JOUR 210x Basics of Broadcast Newsroom Production for Non-Majors Only (2, max 4, FaSp) Introduction to broadcast newsroom production; preparation and treatment of form and content; procedures, problems, ethics, and practice in planning and producing a nightly newscast. Open to non-journalism majors only. Not available for degree credit to journalism majors. Graded CR/NC.

JOUR 302 Reporting: Print (3, Sp) Introduction to basic reporting techniques, public records reporting and beginning investigative journalism. Social responsibility and ethical framework for print journalists. Prerequisite: JOUR 202, JOUR 203; concurrent enrollment: JOUR 303.

JOUR 303 Reporting: Broadcast (3, Sp) Introduction to field reporting, audio and visual media. Social responsibility and ethical framework for broadcast journalists. Prerequisite: JOUR 202, JOUR 203; concurrent enrollment: JOUR 302.

JOUR 304 Reporting: Online (2, Sp) Introduction to computer assisted reporting, precision reporting including statistics. Social responsibility and ethical framework for online journalists. Prerequisite: JOUR 202, JOUR 203, JOUR 204.

JOUR 306 Production: Broadcast (3, Fa) Studio and field production for audio and visual media. Social responsibility and ethical framework involving broadcast non-fiction production. Prerequisite: JOUR 302, JOUR 303.

JOUR 308 Newspaper Editing and Design (3, Fa) Copyediting and newspaper production layout. Headline and caption writing. Design. Social responsibility and ethical framework involving print production. Prerequisite: JOUR 302, JOUR 303.

JOUR 309 Introduction to Online Media (3, FaSp) Convergence journalism and online skill sets. Blogs and Web content production. Social responsibility and ethical framework in digital information technology. Prerequisite: JOUR 302, JOUR 303.

JOUR 310 Investigative Reporting (4, FaSp) Reportorial and analytical skills and techniques required for portraying and evaluat-ing contemporary newsworthy events; lectures, discussions. Prerequisite: JOUR 302, JOUR 303.

JOUR 330 Photojournalism (4, Fa) Emphasis on fundamental skills necessary for photojournalism including camera techniques, story ideas and digital darkroom.

JOUR 340 Introduction to Advertising (4, FaSp) History and development of advertising; basic advertising campaigns showing relationships of marketing, creative, print and electronic media.

JOUR 341 Advertising Copywriting (4, Fa) Writing and editing for advertising and commercial copy for all media. Prerequisite: JOUR 340.

JOUR 342 Advertising Media and Analysis (4, Fa) Selling, planning, buying for the media; advertising's relationship to society and business; media choice. Prerequisite: JOUR 340.

JOUR 343 Advertising Design and Production (4, Sp) Production of advertising materials; emphasis on the creation and design of advertising elements. Prerequisite: JOUR 340.

JOUR 350 Principles of Public Relations (4, FaSp) Theories, processes, and techniques involved in planning and implementing programs designed to influence public opinion and behavior through socially responsible performance and mutually satisfactory communication.

JOUR 351ab Public Relations Media (4-4, FaSp) Research, design, production, and writing public relations media; includes news releases, features, pamphlets, brochures, financial statements, management reports, scripts, scenarios, and publicity. Prerequisite: JOUR 202, JOUR 203, JOUR 350.

JOUR 371 Censorship and the Law: From the Press to Cyberspace (4) (Enroll in COMM 371)

JOUR 373 The Ethics of Television Journalism (4, Sp) Ethical questions in television journalism; the application of these moral dilemmas to prepare students for dealing with similar issues in their lives.

JOUR 375 The Image of the Journalist in Popular Culture (4, Fa) The impact of conflicting images of reporters in movies and television on the American public's perception of newsgatherers in the 20th century. A decade-by-decade evaluation.

JOUR 380 Sports, Business and Media in Today's Society (4, Sp) An inside look at the symbiotic relationship of sports and the media — from the interdependence of sports and media, to the coverage of sports in newspapers, magazines, radio and television. The economic and ethical issues involved, the conflicts of interest, the history and current status of sports coverage in American media today.

JOUR 381 Entertainment, Business and Media in Today's Society (4, Fa) An examination of the symbiotic relationship of the entertainment business and the media; press coverage of the entertainment industry; Hollywood's relationship with news media.

JOUR 390 Special Problems (1-4, Irregular) Supervised, individual studies. No more than one registration permitted. Enrollment by petition only.

JOUR 400 Interpretive Writing (4, Sp) Weekly assignments in the shorter forms of newspaper and magazine writing: essays, reviews, editorials, opinion-page articles, profiles; analyses of major 20th century journalists. Prerequisite: JOUR 302, JOUR 303.

JOUR 402 Advanced Television Reporting (4, FaSp) Role of the broadcast journalism reporter; similarities and differences between print and electronic media; application of audio-video equipment; analysis and practical experience. Prerequisite: JOUR 306.

JOUR 403 Television News Production (4, FaSp) Production of television news programs; preparation and treatment of form and content; procedures, problems, and practice in planning and producing broadcast news materials. Prerequisite: JOUR 306.

JOUR 405 Non-Fiction Television (4, FaSp) Presentation and selection in non-fiction television programs including documentaries, electronic magazines and news series; ethical problems, field research, reporting, interviewing, pre-production. Prerequisite: JOUR 306.

JOUR 406 Advanced Broadcasting Production (2)Advanced analysis, methods, and techniques of radio and television production; preparation and treatment of complex form and content; procedures, problem-solving, and practice. Prerequisite: JOUR 402.

JOUR 407 Newsradio (4, Sp) Production of radio news: research, reporting, writing, preparation and treatment of form and content: procedures, problems and practice in producing radio news programs.

JOUR 409 Radio News Production (4, Fa) Reporting for public radio news: writing newsgathering, editing, vocal delivery. Study of standards, content and ethics. Prerequisite: JOUR 202, JOUR 203.

JOUR 410 Radio Documentary (4, Sp) In-depth reporting for public radio news: writing, editing, advanced vocal delivery. Production of long-form radio features and short documentaries. Prerequisite: JOUR 409.

JOUR 412 Introduction to Online Publishing (4) Introduction to the methods, theory and production of news publishing on the World Wide Web including basic HTML, graphics production and news design. (Duplicates credit in former JOUR 413.)

JOUR 413 Introduction to Online Journalism (4) An introduction to the methods and theory of news publishing on the World Wide Web, with an emphasis on journalism skills and techniques. (Duplicates credit in JOUR 412.) Prerequisite: ITP 101x or ITP 105x.

JOUR 420 Advanced Photojournalism (4, Sp) Emphasis on advanced photojournalism techniques for complex photo storytelling; focus on style, content, design, expression and ethics. Prerequisite: JOUR 330.

JOUR 421 Photo Editing for News Media (4, Fa) Emphasis on understanding, selection and power of photographs; how they work in concert with words and graphics to inform the public.

JOUR 422 Visual Journalism (4, Sp) Emphasis on photographic storytelling in print, video and Web-based media; understanding of visual thinking and imagery techniques.

JOUR 425 Advanced Radio News Production (4, Sp) Production of public radio news: producing real-time newscasts for Annen-berg Radio News. Newsgathering, assigning stories, anchoring, interviewing, working with reporters, editing and producing live programming. Prerequisite: JOUR 409.

JOUR 430 Writing the Film Review (4, Sp) Techniques of writing the film review; preparation and treatment of form and content; problems, responsibilities and ethics of film reviewing. Prerequisite: JOUR 302, JOUR 303.

JOUR 431 Feature Writing (4, FaSp) Techniques of writing newspaper feature stories, including the profile, the light feature, the news feature, the in-depth story; the art of narrative writing. Prerequisite: JOUR 302, JOUR 303.

JOUR 432 Sports Commentary (4, Fa) Techniques of reporting and writing sports columns and commentary for print, video, radio and Web-based media.

JOUR 433 Writing About Science (4, Sp) Techniques of writing about science, including news, profiles, features and commentary.

JOUR 435 Writing Magazine Non-Fiction (4, FaSp) A seminar in "how to" interview, research, write — and place — professional quality articles for a full range of magazines/newspapers including women's, sports, ethnic, local and national. Prerequisite: JOUR 302, JOUR 303.

JOUR 436 Magazine Production (4) Publishing and production technologies; economics of magazine publishing including cost analysis, marketing, advertising, and circulation. Prerequisite: JOUR 302, JOUR 303.

JOUR 438 Editing Magazine Non-Fiction (4, Fa) Editing magazine non-fiction; defining audiences; editorial functions from assigning stories to creating page layouts. Prerequisite: JOUR 302, JOUR 303.

JOUR 440 Environmental Journalism (4, Sp) Techniques of reporting and writing about the environment. Includes both theory and practice needed for reporters specializing in this area of journalism. Prerequisite: JOUR 302, JOUR 303.

JOUR 441 Sports Reporting (2, Sp) News and feature coverage of sporting events, including social and economic factors influencing sports in America. Prerequisite: JOUR 302, JOUR 303.

JOUR 442 Advanced Reporting in Spanish (4) Coverage of news trends and events in Spanish, including spot news, profiles, features, essays, backgrounders, and analysis of media. Conducted in Spanish. Prerequisite: JOUR 302, JOUR 303.

JOUR 443 Business Reporting (2, Fa) Techniques of reporting and writing about business, economics and finance. Prerequisite: JOUR 302, JOUR 303.

JOUR 444 Reporting on Religion (4, Sp) Provides print, online and broadcast journalists with basic tools for reporting on the religion angle of news stories. Prerequisite: JOUR 302, JOUR 303.

JOUR 446 Entertainment Reporting (2, Fa) Techniques of reporting and writing about the entertainment business, economics and finances. Analysis of the skills and background needed for reporters specializing in this area of the news. Prerequisite: JOUR 302, JOUR 303.

JOUR 447 Arts Reporting (2, Sp) Techniques of reporting and writing about the arts, including television, film, theatre, music, graphic arts, architecture and design. Prerequisite: JOUR 302, JOUR 303.

JOUR 448 Government and Public Affairs Reporting (4, FaSp) Techniques for covering beats that are the foundation of daily newspaper reporting, including crime, education, immigration and local government. Prerequisite: JOUR 302, JOUR 303.

JOUR 449 Reporting Los Angeles (2, Fa) Specialized reporting class focused on Los Angeles that requires intensive fieldwork in the neighborhoods, ethnic communities and among local institutions such as City Council, hospitals, police departments, social work agencies, etc. Prerequisite: JOUR 302, JOUR 303.

JOUR 450 Advanced Public Relations (4, Sp) Application of principles and methods to intensive analysis of public relations problems, decision-making, programming, and evaluation in simulated staff and agency organization. Prerequisite: JOUR 351b, JOUR 463.

JOUR 451 Promotional Public Relations (4, Sp) Principles and practices of public relations as a basic component in the promotion and marketing of goods and services; regulatory considerations; consumerism. Prerequisite: JOUR 350.

JOUR 452 Public Relations in Entertainment (4, Fa) Public relations in the design, promotion, and presentation of popular entertainment, including films, broadcasting, music, expositions, amusement parks, resorts and arenas.

JOUR 454 Sports Public Relations (2, FaSp) Introduction to the field of sports information and promotion, including lectures, media assignments, role-playing, and presentations by sports professionals. Junior standing.

JOUR 455 Public Relations for Non-Profit Organizations (4, Fa) Introduction to the specialized field of public relations for non-profit and non-governmental organizations; emphasis on case studies, strategic and critical thinking, and campaign development. Prerequisite: JOUR 350.

JOUR 456 Public Relations for Diverse Audiences (4) Researching, planning, executing and evaluating communications campaigns aimed at audiences segmented by culture, lifestyle and other factors. Prerequisite: JOUR 350.

JOUR 457 The Role of Celebrity in Public Relations (4, Sp) Understanding of the history and application of celebrity in public relations, focusing on the entertainment industry and the notoriety attached to politics and the media.

JOUR 458 Public Relations in Politics and Political Campaigns (4, Fa) Application of public relations principles to the context of political campaigns; emphasis on message development and delivery; relationship between candidate, news media, and electorate.

JOUR 459 Fact and Fiction: From Journalism to the Docudrama (4) Historical, legal and ethical limitations to the misrepresentation of fact. Includes print and broadcast journalism, books, theatre, cinema and new technology.

JOUR 460 Social Responsibility of the News Media (4) News media as instruments of constructive social change; standards of ethics and aesthetics; interactions between news media and cultural settings; social responsibility of news media personnel.

JOUR 461 Literature of Journalism (4) Survey of journalistic careers and times; the influence of editing and reporting on such American writers as Whitman, Twain, Cather, Crane, Runyon, Lardner, and Hemingway.

JOUR 462 Law of Mass Communication (4, FaSp) Press law; government controls on the news media; legal responsibilities of the journalist.

JOUR 463 Research and Analysis (4, Fa) Use of social science research techniques in contemporary reporting and public affairs, including both interpretation and reporting of existing data and conducting of surveys. Prerequisite: JOUR 351a.

JOUR 465 Latino News Media in the United States (4, Sp)History and growing importance of Latino print and broadcast news media in covering immigration, discrimination, culture, social differences and other aspects of U.S. Latino life.

JOUR 466m People of Color and the News Media (4, Sp) Reporting and portrayal of people of color in the United States; impact of racial diversity on media, employment and access, and development of media for individuals and communities of color. Open to non-majors.

JOUR 467 Gender and the News Media (4, Sp) Gender and news media evolving images of women and men in print and electronic media. Impact of gender in content and style of news, television and cinema. Open to non-majors.

JOUR 468m The American Press and Issues of Sexual Diversity (4, Fa) Examines how news media reflect and affect perception of gay/lesbian issues; provides historical-contemporary context; arms students to bypass rhetoric and knowledgeably evaluate facts.

JOUR 470 Community Journalism (2, FaSp) Analyses of ethnic and community issues in community journalism. Students work with local youth to write, edit and design school newspapers and other media. Prerequisite: JOUR 302, JOUR 303.

JOUR 474 Interviewing and Profile Writing (2, Sp) Techniques of, and intensive application in researching and writing interviews and profiles for newspapers and magazines. Prerequisite: JOUR 302, JOUR 303.

JOUR 475 Publications Design and Technology (4, FaSp) Art, typography, and other graphic elements in publication design; traditional, contemporary, and advanced production methods, processes, and equipment; representative examples; practice in design.

JOUR 482 Comparative Media in Europe (4, Sm) Examines print, broadcast and public relations media and their interactive roles in multi-national and supra-national settings at sites in both Western and Eastern Europe. Recommended preparation: JOUR 350.

JOUR 483 Negotiating and Reporting Global Change (4) Examines 12 recent history-shaping decisions, negotiations and outcomes; considers how these decisions were reached, reported, positioned publicly and interpreted in retrospect.

JOUR 490x Directed Research (2-8, max 8, FaSpSm) Individual research and readings. Not available for graduate credit.

JOUR 498 Honors Seminar (2, Sp) Intensive study of a subject of contemporary relevance or of professional importance to journalists. Prerequisite: admission to Honors Program.

JOUR 499 Special Topics (2-4, max 8, FaSpSm) Selected topics in journalism.

JOUR 500 Media and Society (3, FaSp) Analysis of major theories on the role of communication media and society with special emphasis on the role and responsibility of the news media.

JOUR 501 Newswriting: Print, Broadcast, Online (3, Fa) Basic newswriting and news judgment in print, broadcast and online journalism. Social responsibility and ethical framework for new media journalists. Typing ability required.

JOUR 502 Production: Print, Broadcast, Online (3, Sp) Basic broadcast studio and field production, copyediting and newspaper production, database creation and management, online production. Social responsibility and ethical framework involving new media production.

JOUR 503 Reporting: Print, Broadcast, Online (3, Sp) Basic print reporting techniques, broadcast field reporting, computer assisted reporting and statistics. Social responsibility and ethical framework for new media journalists.

JOUR 504 Public Relations Research and Evaluation (3, Fa) Covers the use of primary psychographic and demographic research, pre- and post-campaign testing, and other highly quantifiable research techniques in program development and evaluation.

JOUR 505 American Media History Seminar (3, FaSp) A seminar surveying the history of the news media in the United States, and their sociopolitical impact, with emphasis on the 20th century.

JOUR 508 Introduction to Strategic Public Relations (3, Fa) A survey of the profession, focusing on the key role of strategic public relations in today's information-based society; provides a social, economic and political context for the program.

JOUR 510 Legal, Ethical and Social Foundations of Public Relations (3, FaSp) Explores the origins, effects of, and processes for adhering to the complex network of legal, ethical and social responsibilities of the contemporary PR practitioner.

JOUR 512 Advanced Interpretive Writing (3, Sp) Analysis and writing of editorials, essays, Op-Ed page articles, profiles, and other shorter forms of journalism, combined with study of historic practitioners of those forms.

JOUR 513 Advanced Newswriting and Reporting (3) Reportorial and analytical skills and techniques required in searching out and evaluating newsworthy events. Research and publication of stories.

JOUR 515 Advanced Computer-Assisted Reporting (3) Explore techniques useful in discovering, gathering, organizing, verifying, and evaluating knowledge in the context of news reporting. Prerequisite: JOUR 503.

JOUR 517 Advanced Investigative Reporting (3, Fa) Advanced reportorial and analytical skills and techniques required for evaluating newsworthy events. Group research and publication of stories on important current topics.

JOUR 519 Advanced Magazine Writing (3, Sp) Reporting and preparation of articles for publication; analysis of magazine non-fiction markets; research and writing, techniques, and analysis of magazine markets.

JOUR 520 Advanced Broadcast Newswriting (3, Sp) Writing for broadcast, preparation and presentation. Responsibility and ethics of broadcast newswriting. Form and content of broadcast news presentation. Similarities and differences between media.

JOUR 521 Broadcast Documentary (3, Fa) Pre-production of the television documentary; ethical problems, research, reporting, interviewing, writing, legal issues, economics, aesthetics. Problems of balanced presentation, selection of topics.

JOUR 522 Advanced Broadcast Documentary Production (3) Seminar in production of the documentary; techniques, aesthetics, economics, legal issues, production problems, research, execution.

JOUR 524 Advanced Broadcast Reporting (3) Reporting and writing broadcast news; analysis and practical experience; role of the broadcast journalism reporter; similarities and differences between media; application of audio-visual equipment.

JOUR 526 Advanced Broadcast News Production (3, Fa) Production of television news programs; preparation and treatment of form and content; procedures, problems and practice in planning and producing broadcast news materials.

JOUR 530 Strategic Public Relations Management (3, Sp) An analytical, case study-based approach to strategic campaign planning, management and execution, with heavy emphasis on problem solving and the role of research.

JOUR 532 International Public Relations (3, Sm) Public information policies and practices of national and supranational government units and national and multinational corporations involved in international relations.

JOUR 534 Case Studies in Public Relations (3, FaSp) Analysis of landmark and contemporary public relations cases; evaluation of current literature, programs, and professional personnel; identification of emerging issues.

JOUR 535 Specialized Writing for Public Relations (3, Fa) Intensive focus on the specialized writing requirements of online, broadcast, print and other public relations media; includes content analysis of strategic public relations materials.

JOUR 536 Public Relations Media Strategies (3, FaSp) Creation and execution of strategic public relations media plans based on organizational goals, audience analysis, and media characteristics.

JOUR 540 International Journalism Seminar I (3, Sp) Historical perspective of foreign correspondence; examination of the working conditions, problems and consequences of reporting from abroad.

JOUR 541 International Journalism Seminar II (3) Overview of significant issues that will confront journalists reporting about or analyzing the Third World.

JOUR 542 Foreign Reporting (3, Sm) News stories analyzed, researched, and critiqued for validity and background; projects to include editorials, news stories, magazine articles or broadcast reports.

JOUR 543 Field Study (3, Sm) Study of contemporary institutions in selected regions of the world. Graded CR/NC.

JOUR 550 Introduction to Online Publishing (3) Methods, theory and publishing of online news; HTML skills, graphics production and design theory.

JOUR 551 Intermediate Online Publishing (3, Fa) Advanced concepts in online publishing; focus on databases, editing, scripting and authoring applications for news Web sites. Prerequisite: JOUR 502.

JOUR 555 Multimedia and Graphics in Online Publishing (3, Sp) Focuses on the process of creating multimedia, images and graphics for news storytelling on the Web; integration of interactive content, animation and video. Prerequisite: JOUR 551.

JOUR 556 Online Journalism Seminar (3, Sp) Writing and reporting for the Internet and other technology platforms; computer-assisted reporting; multimedia storytelling. Prerequisite: JOUR 551.

JOUR 560 Seminar in Mass Communication Law (3, FaSpSm) Analysis of major elements of mass communication law, legal issues in contemporary mass communication, and the impact of legal trends on professional journalists.

JOUR 563 Promotional and Product Public Relations (3, Fa) Planning, managing and evaluating integrated communications campaigns utilizing public relations strategies in concert with advertising and other marketing disciplines; emphasis on research, case studies and campaign development.

JOUR 565 Corporate Public Relations and Reputation (3, Fa) Planning, managing and evaluating strategic public relations campaigns to effectively communicate with the investor community, regulators and related constituencies regarding the financial performance and reputation of the business entity and its management.

JOUR 566 Public Relations for Multicultural and Niche Audiences (2) Developing, managing and evaluating campaigns designed to reach audiences segmented by culture, lifestyle and other factors.

JOUR 567 Internet and High Technology Public Relations (3) Using the Internet as a strategic tool in the development and implementation of public relations campaigns for technology-based and other enterprises.

JOUR 568 Critical Thinking and Crisis Management (3, FaSp) Introduction to the concept of critical thinking and its practical application to a variety of public relations challenges and opportunities; emphasis on formulating and evaluating problems from multiple perspectives.

JOUR 569 Ethics in Public Relations (3) Application of public relations principles to ethical conduct in a business, government agency, non-profit organization or consulting entity; emphasis on applicable cases and dialogue.

JOUR 575 Advocacy and Social Change in Entertainment and the Media (4, Fa) (Enroll in COMM 575)

JOUR 576 The Image of the Journalist in Popular Culture Seminar (3, Sp) Study and analysis of the conflicting images of the journalist in popular culture and its impact on the public's perception of the media and newsgatherers.

JOUR 580 Introduction to Specialized Journalism (2, Sm) Understanding the role of specialized journalism and its changing role in U.S. news media; audience interest in areas of specialized coverage.

JOUR 581 Specialized Journalism: Research Methods (3, Fa) Advanced skills in the use of expert sources, scholarly resources, computer-assisted and investigative reporting in specialized journalism; social and ethical issues in specialized reporting.

JOUR 582 Specialized Journalism: Reporting Decisions (3, Sp) Reporting and analysis of decision making; case studies and analytical tools in dissecting decisions for readers, listeners and viewers.

JOUR 583 Managing Communication in the Entertainment Industry (4, Fa) (Enroll in CMGT 543)

JOUR 584 Specialized Reporting: Education, Youth and Learning (3, Fa) Reporting and writing on education; survey of historical and contemporary issues affecting children, families and public education.

JOUR 585 Specialized Reporting: Religion (3, Fa) Reporting and writing on religion; survey of world religion, religion and public life — including politics, gender and science.

JOUR 586 Specialized Reporting: Science (3, Fa) Reporting and writing on science; survey of scientific research fields and evaluation of evidence and claims.

JOUR 587 Audience Analysis (4, Fa) (Enroll in CMGT 587)

JOUR 588 Specialized Reporting: Urban Ecology (3, Fa) Reporting and writing on urban ecology; survey of the urban landscape as an environment and human impact on these communities.

JOUR 589 Specialized Reporting: The Changing U.S. Population (3, Fa) Reporting and writing on immigration and other forms of demographic change; survey of immigration, the journalism it has generated and the impact of coverage.

JOUR 590 Directed Research (1-12, FaSpSm) Research leading to the master's degree. Maximum units which may be applied to the degree to be determined by the department. Graded CR/NC.

These new courses are available beginning fall 2008.

JOUR 591 Arts Writing Practicum (3, Fa) Intensive writing workshop on the craft of arts criticism and persuasive writing of different arts genres.

JOUR 592 Specialized Journalism: Reporting the Arts (3, Fa) Reporting and writing on the arts; strategies for arts journalism in the digital era; survey of essays and reviews by great critics.

JOUR 593 Arts Criticism and Commentary (3, Sp) Writing workshops and independent fieldwork; development of critical skills to write socially valuable criticism and commentary about art, entertainment and culture. Prerequisite: JOUR 591.

JOUR 594abz Master's Thesis (2-2-0, FaSpSm) Credit on acceptance of thesis. Graded IP/CR/NC.

JOUR 599 Special Topics (2-4, max 8, FaSpSm) Seminar in selected topics in journalism.