University of Southern California
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Academic Policies


The USC Catalogue

The USC Catalogue is the document of authority for all students. The degree requirements listed in the USC Catalogue supersede any information which may be contained in any bulletin of any school or department. The university reserves the right to change its policies, rules, regulations and course offerings at any time.

Other University Publications

Bulletins and Viewbooks
The bulletins and viewbooks published by the schools provide program descriptions and information about other topics of interest to the prospective student. Publications may be obtained by calling the individual schools.

Schedule of Classes
The Schedule of Classes lists the courses offered during any given term and provides detailed information on registration procedures. It also includes course descriptions and cross-listed courses. It is available online at approximately three weeks before the registration period for each session.

This annual publication contains both general guidebook information for students and university policies concerning student conduct, administrative procedures, and student rights and responsibilities. Students are responsible for understanding and abiding by policies contained in SCampus. SCampus may be obtained at Hazel and Stanley Hall, first floor, or on USCweb (