University of Southern California
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Courses of Instruction

Interactive Media (CTIN)

309 Introduction to Interactive Media (4, FaSp) Foundations of interactive multimedia, including its historical evolution, design concepts, performance issues, resource programs and tools for critical analysis.

482 Designing Online Multiplayer Game Environments (2, Sp) Grouped into teams, students will study and design an original multiplayer game environment suitable for online usage. (Duplicates credit in former CNTV 482.)

483 Programming for Interactivity (4, FaSp) Introduction to creative and technical aspects of new interactive media technology; computer games; digital video and sound; interactive Flash animations. Students design and produce projects.

488 Game Design Workshop (4, FaSp) Theory and evaluation of interactive game experiences and principles of game design utilizing the leading software approaches and related technologies. Recommended preparation: CTIN 309, CTIN 483.

489 Intermediate Game Design Workshop (4, FaSp) A follow-up to the introductory game design class, this course will introduce more advanced concepts in game design and game theories, including ideation, digital prototyping and level design. Prerequisite: CTIN 483, CTIN 488.

491 Advanced Game Design Workshop (4, FaSp) Students work in teams to produce a functional digital game suitable for distribution via the web and/or submission into independent games festivals. Prerequisite: CTIN 489.

499 Special Topics (2-4, max 8, FaSpSm) Detailed investigation of new or emerging aspects of cinema, television, and/or interactive media; special subjects offered by visiting faculty; experimental subjects.

511 Interactive Media Seminar (1, max 2, FaSp) Seminars on latest trends in interactive media content, technology, tools, business and culture. Graded CR/NC.

532 Interactive Experience Design (4, Fa) The development of interactive experiences with an emphasis on writing and development. Open to Interactive Media M.F.A. students only. Prerequisite: CTWR 518; corequisite: CTIN 534.

534 Experiments in Interactivity I (2, Fa) Experimental studio course to explore concepts of structure, aesthetics and content of interactive experience design. Open to Interactive Media M.F.A. students only. Corequisite: CTIN 532.

541ab Design for Interactive Media (a: 4, Fa; b: 4, Sp) Practical exploration and practicum on the fundamental technical and aesthetic principles in the design of interactive media. Students will develop design and prototyping skills. Prerequisite: a: CTPR 508x; b: CTIN 541a.

542 Interactive Design and Production (4, Sp) Interactive design, production, prototyping and testing of projects developed in CTIN 532. Open to Interactive Media M.F.A. students only. Prerequisite: CTIN 532; corequisite: CTIN 544.

544 Experiments in Interactivity II (2, Sp) Experimental studio course in application of technology to interactive experience. Open to Interactive Media M.F.A. students only. Prerequisite: CTIN 534; corequisite: CTIN 542.

548 Preparing the Interactive Project (2, Sp) An advanced production workshop in which students design and prepare for the production of their advanced project. Open to Interactive Media M.F.A. students only. Prerequisite: CTIN 532.

555ab Advanced Interactive Project (a: 4, Fa, b: 2, Sp) A two-semester sequence in which students produce and test an advanced interactive project. Open to Interactive Media M.F.A. students only. Prerequisite: CTIN 548.

558 Business of Interactive Media (2, Fa) In-depth investigation of publication, distribution, business and legal aspects of the interactive entertainment business.

584 Graduate Interactive Group Project (6, FaSp) Advanced interactive group workshop for students who want to produce and complete an advanced interactive media project. Prerequisite: CTPR 541, CTPR 551.

590 Directed Research (1-12, FaSpSm) Research project leading to the master's degree. Maximum units which may be applied to the degree to be determined by the department.