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USC School of Cinema-Television

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The USC School of Cinema-Television, which consistently is ranked number one in U.S. News & World Report, prepares students for varied careers in film and television including animation, screenwriting, production, critical studies, producing and interactive media.

Theory melds with practice at the USC School of Cinema-Television, which offers undergraduate and graduate-level courses in the Division of Critical Studies, Division of Film and Television Production and Division of Writing for Screen and Television, as well as advanced degrees in the Division of Animation and Digital Arts, Division of Interactive Media and Peter Stark Producing Program.

Since its founding in 1929, some of the world's most talented writers, directors, producers, animators, executives and scholars have flocked to the USC School of Cinema-Television. Their names are the stuff of legend: Howard, Lucas, Milius, Wells and Zemeckis; their creations weave the fabric of our culture: A Beautiful Mind, Star Wars, Apocalypse Now, The West Wing and Forrest Gump.

Consistently topping national rankings -- including those compiled by U.S. News & World Report -- the school is renowned for its extraordinary faculty, superb location, strong alumni network, state-of-the-art facilities and unique educational philosophy. The school's setting in the heart of Los Angeles ensures that students have access to the country's leading film, television, animation and interactive gaming producers; world-class literary and talent agencies; libraries and archives brimming with research materials; and a vast alumni community that actively supports the school and its students. All of the school's outstanding faculty members have been or are currently working professionally in their respective fields. Also interesting to note is that the school's industry-standard equipment and facilities rival those found at many commercial studios.

Perhaps the school's most important attribute, however, is its time-tested philosophy that recognizes that a student can only truly excel in his or her chosen area of expertise after exposure to all elements of the art form. Consequently, there is an emphasis on cross-disciplinary course work that ensures that writers get behind the camera; critical studies scholars edit footage; and production majors examine the canon of work from a rigorous academic perspective.

In 2004, the USC School of Cinema-Television marks its "diamond jubilee" anniversary, celebrating a 75-year tradition of training the next generation of creative talent and scholars in film, television and new media.


Elizabeth M. Daley, Ph.D., Dean

Offices of Admission/Student Affairs

Carson Television Center G-130
(213) 740-2911

Critical Studies

Tara McPherson, Division Chair
George Lucas Instructional Building 405
(213) 740-3334*

Film and Television Production

Michael Taylor, Division Chair
George Lucas Instructional Building 404
(213) 740-3317*

Interactive Media

Scott Fisher, Division Chair
George Lucas Instructional Building 310
(213) 821-2515*
FAX: (213) 821-2665

Writing for Screen and Television

Howard A. Rodman, Division Chair
George Lucas Instructional Building 301
(213) 740-3303
FAX: (213) 740-8035

Peter Stark Producing Program

Lawrence Turman, Division Chair
George Lucas Instructional Building 302
(213) 740-3304
FAX: (213) 745-6652

Animation and Digital Arts

Vibeke Sorensen, Division Chair
Marcia Lucas Post Production Building 201
(213) 740-3986

*For information regarding admission, call (213) 740-2911.


Steven J. Ross/AOL Time Warner Dean's Chair in Cinema-Television: Elizabeth M. Daley, Ph.D.

Hugh M. Hefner Chair for the Study of American Film: Richard B. Jewell, Ph.D.

Alma and Alfred Hitchcock Chair: Joseph Andrew Casper, Ph.D.

Fran and Ray Stark Endowed Chair: Lawrence Turman, B.A.

Mary Pickford Foundation Professorship: Doe Mayer, M.A.

Professors: Todd Boyd, Ph.D.; Drew Casper, Ph.D.; Elizabeth M. Daley, Ph.D.; Scott Fisher, M.S.; John Furia, Jr., B.A.; Mark J. Harris, B.A.; Tomlinson Holman, B.S.; Gerald Isenberg, M.B.A.; David James, Ph.D; Richard Jewell, Ph.D.; Robert Jones; Jeremy Kagan, M.F.A.; Marsha Kinder, Ph.D.*; Doe Mayer, M.A.; K. Kenneth Miura, M.A.; Christine Panushka, M.F.A.; Dana Polan, Ph.D.; Michael Renov, Ph.D.; Howard A. Rodman; Ellen Seiter, Ph.D.; Vibeke Sorensen, M.A.H.; Lawrence Turman, B.A.

Associate Professors: Tom Abrams, M.F.A.; Don Bohlinger, M.F.A.; Linda Brown, M.F.A.; Midge Costin, M.A.; Pamela Douglas, M.A.; Jack Epps, B.A.; Anne Friedberg, Ph.D.; Helaine Head, B.A.; David Howard, M.F.A.; Judy Irola; Georgia Jeffries, B.A.; Tara McPherson, Ph.D.; Robert E. Miller, Ph.D.; Amanda Pope, B.A.; Kathy Smith, B.A.

Assistant Professors: Priya Jaikumar, Ph.D.; Curtis Márez, Ph.D.

Visiting Faculty: Perry Hoberman; Norman Hollyn; Ed O'Neill; Michael Taylor

Senior Lecturers/Lecturers: Robert Ballo; Ted Braun; David Bondelevitch; Christopher Chomyn; Jed Dannenbaum; Mary Beth Fielder; Pablo Frasconi; Robert Gardner; Gary Goldsmith; Brenda Goodman; Don Hall; Carroll Hodge; Mary Jansen; Everett Lewis; Mardik Martin; Earl Rath; Mark Shepherd; John Tarver; Jennifer Warren; David Weber; Paul Wolff; William Yahraus

Research Associate Professor: Richard Weinberg, Ph.D.

Adjunct Faculty: Steve Albrezzi; Ioan Allen; Kate Amend; Tom Anderson; Wendy Apple; David Baron; Deborah Baron; Carol Baum; Anne Beatts; Sandra Berg; Alan Berger; Fred Bernstein; Steve Binder; Bruce Block; Mitch Block; Steve Blume; Peter Bonerz; Chuck Braverman; Paul Bricault; Peter Brinson; Jody Brockway; Robert Brown; Laurie Burton; Richard Burton; Ed Callahan; Tim Clawson; Joseph Cohen; Cornelius Cole; Kenneth Cosby; Martin Daniel; Johanna Demetrakas; Sam Denoff; Eva Denst; Bill Dill; Richard Edlund; Pamela Eells; Mar Elepano; Bob Enders; Peter Exline; Van Flesher; Nina Foch; Kathy Fogg; Mike Ford; William Fraker; Robert Freedman; Ron Friedman; Tracy Fullerton; Jean-Pierre Geuens; Andrew Given; Scott Gorden; Janet Graham-Borba; Barbara Greyhosky; Andre Guttfreund; Eric Hanson; Ted Harbert; Lynn Hendee; Rowdy Herrington; Steve Hirsen; Michael Hoey; Joe Hoffman; Todd Hoffman; Michael Hoggan; Karen Horn; Joan Hyler; Jason Todd Ipson; Joseph Janeti; James Jansen; Gabor Kalman; Kristy Kang; Jeff Kleeman; Lou Kleinman; Randal Kleiser; Jeffrey Korchek; Tony Krantz; Matt Kregor; Richard Krevolin; Stu Krieger; Clifford Latimer; Lisa Leeman; Alan Lehman; Andrew Licht; David Lloyd; Erik Loyer; Leonard Maltin; Joe Manduke; Lisa Mann; Andrew Marlowe; Morgan Martin; Peter Marx; Frank McAdams; Phil Messina; Alex Metcalf; David Milton; James Mitchell; Jay Moriarty; Dan Nienaltowski; Jim O'Keeffe; Peter Pampusch; Jennifer Peterson; Rebecca Pollack-Parker; Sandy Reisenbach; Shonda Rhimes; Vincent Robert; Howard Rosenberg; Fred Rubin; Alan Rucker; Lionel Schaen; Scott Schwartz; Michael Scroggins; Paul Seydor; Reid Shane; Chris Silberman; Fred Silverman; Elliott Silverstein; Tom Sito; Claudia Spinelli; Jason Squire; Lucy Stille; Brandon Stoddard; Erwin Stoff; Noreen Stone; Jeffrey Stott; Mark Stratton; Chris Swain; Brian Sward Strom; Mary Sweeney; Mark Taft; Ken Tamburri; Robert Tercek; Jerry Tokofsky; Duke Underwood; Michael Uno; Jon Wagner; Ken Wales; Trixie Wattenbarger; Peggy Weil; Eric Weissmann; David Weitzner; Tristan Whitman; William Whittington; Oscar Williams; Holly Willis; David Zeiger; Robert Zemeckis; Vernon Zimmerman

Emeritus Professors: Gene Coe, M.F.A.; Ron Curfman, M.F.A.; Herbert E. Farmer, M.A.; Trevor Greenwood, M.A.; Richard Harber, M.A.; Edward Kaufman, Ph.D.; E. Russell McGregor, Ph.D.; Woody Omens, M.A.; Gene Petersen, M.F.A.; Melvin Sloan, M.A.; Wolfram von Hanwehr, Ph.D.; Daniel Wiegand, M.A.; Morton Zarcoff, M.A.