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Requirements for Graduation

Catalogue Regulations, Policies and Procedures

In addition to degree requirements outlined below, undergraduate and graduate students are also subject to current catalogue regulations, policies and procedures. Examples include, but are not limited to, the policy on the grade of incomplete, graduation with honors and continuous enrollment for graduate students. Unlike degree requirements, changes in regulations, policies and procedures are immediate and supersede those in any prior catalogue.

Graduation Date

A student will be awarded the graduation date for the term in which degree requirements, including submission of supporting documents, have been met. Although course work may have been completed in a prior term, the degree will be awarded only for the term for which all academic and administrative requirements have been fulfilled. Application for the degree is a requirement for all graduate degrees. Students wishing to change the degree date from that indicated on the Degree Progress Summary Report or the STARS Report should file a Change of Information card with the revised degree date. The cards are available in the Degree Progress Department in SAS 101. Degrees are not awarded retroactively.

Discontinued Degree Programs

Students pursuing major or minor programs which the university discontinues will be allowed to complete them within a specified time limit. The time limit will be specified at the point of discontinuance of a major or minor program and begins at that point. It is determined according to the student's progress toward degree completion and will not exceed five years for any student.

Closed Record

The academic record of a student who has completed the program of study or ceased attendance is considered closed. Once a student's record is closed, no further additions or changes may be made. This includes, but is not limited to, such things as change of name, registering in additional course work, resolution of marks of incomplete (IN), declaration of minors, etc.

Requirements for: