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The University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business prepares men and women from around the world to lead global businesses of the next century, whether those enterprises are big or small, corporate or entrepreneurial. The school focuses on international business in all its aspects, including course work in accounting, finance, marketing, management, and information systems/operations management. Beyond courses in the departments, the school offers nearly 30 semester-long exchange programs with leading business schools throughout the world. At the graduate level, a major curricular innovation brings global business into each student’s program through the Pacific Rim Education Program (PRIME) which includes an educational trip outside the United States. To further enable the school’s graduates to excel in tomorrow’s organizations, the school incorporates technology throughout its programs, especially in a newly-developed course in the electronic economy. This course studies the impact of the digital revolution on all aspects of business, including accounting, marketing, finance and operations, and on issues of organizational design and development of new markets.

Recognizing the commitment of USC’s Marshall School of Business to educate leaders for the next century and in launching its global and electronic commerce initiatives, Gordon S. Marshall, ’46, pledged $35 million to the business school, the largest gift ever made to business education. As chairman of Marshall Industries, one of the world’s leading distributors of electronic components and production supplies, Gordon Marshall knows first hand the need for understanding global markets and for foreseeing the impact of technological change on business. In respect and gratitude for his magnificent gift, the trustees of the university have named the business school at USC in his honor. The school is now known as the Gordon S. Marshall School of Business.

The Marshall School awards two bachelor’s degrees, six master’s degrees, 10 dual degrees, and the Ph.D. degree. Included in the Marshall School are the Leventhal School of Accounting, the Entrepreneur Program, and the departments of Business Communication, Finance and Business Economics, Information Systems and Operations Management, Management and Organization, and Marketing.

Newly named, clearly focused, the Marshall School continues its more than 75 year history of developing its students’ potential to lead global enterprises.





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