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USC School of Theatre students Sarah Gise and Chasen Bauer gave audiences a “wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome” to USC’s production of “Cabaret,” a musical set in 1930s Berlin. The USC School of Theatre’s most recent season featured works by William Shakespeare, Suzan-Lori Parks, Anton Chekhov, M.F.A. in dramatic writing students and more.

One of the premier theatre schools in the United States, the USC School of Theatre provides the necessary education and training for graduates to excel in the professional theatre and related fields. Theatre also provides an ideal foundation to a liberal education that prepares students for a wide range of career interests. The school promotes and supports innovative and flexible ways to achieve students’ educational and professional goals.

Theatre is both a collaborative endeavor and a universal means of communication. The school educates students in the history of theatre, while preparing them to add to that history, to use their talents, skill and imagination to explore the limitless possibilities the art of theatre offers.

The USC School of Theatre is significantly enhanced by its location in Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world. Theatre professionals frequently teach seminars, mentor students and participate in School of Theatre productions.

Graduates of the school work professionally in all aspects of theatre, film and television. The school’s performance and design faculty are dynamic teachers who also regularly work in the theatre and entertainment industry.

The breadth of learning opportunities offered at the school prepares students for the spectrum of careers in the professional theatre, including performance, production, management and teaching. The School of Theatre also strives to instill confidence, integrity, excellence and artistic sensitivity into each of its students — traits that are essential to success in any field.

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Madeline Puzo, Dean

Sharon M. Carnicke, Ph.D., Associate Dean

Velina Hasu Houston, Ph.D., Associate Dean

Jack R. Rowe, Associate Dean


Professors: Sharon M. Carnicke, Ph.D.; Velina Hasu Houston, Ph.D.

Associate Professors: Margo Apostolos, Ph.D.; Meiling Cheng, D.F.A.; Don Llewellyn, Jr., M.F.A.; Oliver Mayer, M.F.A.

Assistant Professors: Luis Alfaro; Angus Fletcher, Ph.D.; Christina Haatainen-Jones; Tom Ontiveros, M.F.A.; Sibyl Wickersheimer, M.F.A.

Professors of Theatre Practice: Andrei Belgrader; Charlotte Cornwell; Natsuko Ohama; Brian Parsons; Andrew J. Robinson

Associate Professors of Theatre Practice: Paul Backer, Ph.D.; Brent Blair, M.A.; David Bridel; Joseph Hacker, M.F.A.; Duncan Mahoney; Mary-Joan Negro; Jack R. Rowe; Stephanie Shroyer, M.F.A.; Eric Trules; L. Zane, M.F.A.

Assistant Professors of Theatre Practice: Elsbeth M. Collins; Anita Dashiell-Sparks, M.F.A.

Adjunct Faculty: Tony Abatemarco; Philip G. Allen; Joe Anthony; Robert Bailey; Corbett Barklie; Joe Bays; Jason Robert Brown; Anne Burk; Louis Butelli; Frank Catalano; Julian Cha; Stacie Chaiken; Paula Cizmar; Debra DeLiso; Barbara Dodge; Kathleen Dunn-Muzingo; Frank Dwyer; Dan Fishbach; Laura Flanagan; Jeff Flowers; Jay Fuentes; Parmer Fuller; Rafael Garcia; Miranda Garrison; Michael Goodrich; Terry Gordon; Alexander Greschenko; Takeshi Hamagaki; Elizabeth Hogan; Paula Holt; Takeshi Kata; Michael Keenan; Mary K Klinger; Shishir Kurup; Edgar Landa; Rachael Lawrence; Joey Letteri; Victoria Looseleaf; Helene Lorenz; Kevin McCorkle; Babette Markus; Laural Meade; Randy Mell; Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine; Jacqueline Pavlich; Leah Piehl; Debra Piver; Valerie Rachelle; Bradley Rapier; Jon Lawrence Rivera; John Rubinstein; Mady Schutzman; Doug Tompos; Matt Walker; Julie Welch; Kenji Yamaguchi

Emeritus Professors: Eve Roberts, M.F.A.; Robert R. Scales, Ph.D.