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USC Roski School of Fine Arts

Painting students work in classrooms that resemble professional artist studios, each with large north-facing windows and skylights for natural illumination. With around-the-clock access to labs and studios, art students are free to work on course assignments as well as ambitious, self-directed projects – whenever inspiration hits.

First organized in 1883, the USC Roski School of Fine Arts is the oldest art school in Southern California. A supportive environment for experimentation in visual art, the school encourages interdisciplinary, progressive approaches to studio art, design, curatorial practice and critical studies. With equal emphasis on making and thinking, the USC Roski School prepares artists, designers, curators and writers to impact visual culture in new ways.

Each year the school attracts 275 undergraduate majors, over 1,000 liberal arts students and 50 graduate students. The school’s undergraduate programs develop students’ visual acuity, technical ability and critical insight. Students pursuing a B.A. have ample opportunity to take advantage of the wide-ranging academic offerings at USC, while B.F.A. students can immerse themselves more fully in the production of studio art. A faculty of distinguished, dedicated artists and designers teach innovative and comprehensive courses in painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, photography, design, digital media and critical studies. Students have the freedom to work across media in order to push perceived boundaries and discover their individual creative voices.

The school’s highly competitive Master of Fine Arts program has quickly risen in prominence, joining the ranks of the nation’s finest graduate art schools. With spacious private studios; an extraordinary lineup of visiting artists, critics and curators; an annual student publication; and just 16 enrolled students, the program provides an expansive though individualized experience. The Master of Arts, Art and Curatorial Practices in the Public Sphere program is a platform for scholarship in contemporary art that addresses social questions of public space and the public sphere. Individually, each student produces a thoroughly researched master’s thesis; together, they engage in a curatorial practicum, culminating in an exhibition project that explores city-space.

As a place to study art, Southern California is unparalleled. The region boasts major museums such as the Getty Center, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), the Norton Simon Museum and the Hammer Museum, as well as a constellation of other influential art schools. In addition to hundreds of commercial galleries and alternative spaces, Los Angeles is home to a great number of artists and designers, who make the city one of the world’s creative capitals. Leading museums, galleries, advertising agencies, design firms, artist studios, and the music and film industries offer emerging artists and designers a wealth of internship and employment opportunities.

Watt Hall of Architecture and Fine Arts 104
(213) 740-2787
FAX: (213) 740-8938
Email: roski@usc.edu


Rochelle Steiner, Ph.D.


Professors: Jud Fine, M.F.A.; Robbert Flick, M.F.A.*; Margaret Lazzari, M.F.A.*; Ron Rizk, M.F.A.; Rochelle Steiner, Ph.D.; Ruth Weisberg, M.A.*

Associate Professors: Bob Alderette, M.F.A.; Sharon Lockhart, M.F.A.; Margit Omar, M.F.A.*; Charlie White, M.F.A.

Assistant Professors: Frances Stark, M.F.A.; Andrea Zittel, M.F.A.

Assistant Professor of Fine Arts Practice: Shannon Ebner, M.F.A.

Research Assistant Professor: Rhea Anastas, Ph.D.

Full-time Lecturers: Caroline Clerc, M.F.A.; Sherin Guirguis, M.F.A.; Karen Koblitz, M.F.A.; Haven Lin-Kirk, M.F.A.; Ann Page, B.F.A.; Julia Paull, M.F.A.

Adjunct Faculty: China Adams, M.F.A.; Chris Barnard, M.F.A.; Tanya Batura, M.F.A.; Jeff Cain, M.F.A.; Kristin Calabrese, M.F.A.; Steve Child, M.F.A.; Molly Corey, M.A.; Lauri Firstenberg, Ph.D.; Eve Fowler, M.F.A.; Xavier Fumat, M.F.A.; Malik Gaines, M.F.A.; Oona Gardner, M.F.A.; Phyllis Green, M.F.A.; LouAnne Greenwald, M.F.A.; Bruce Hainley, M.F.A.; Evan Holloway, M.F.A.; Carmine Iannacone, M.F.A.; Patrick Jackson, M.F.A.; Roman Jaster, B.F.A.; Helen Kim, M.F.A.; Alex Klein, M.F.A.; Lisa Lapinski, M.F.A.; Karen Liebowitz, M.F.A.; Carter Mull, M.F.A.; Karen Moss Familian, Ph.D.; Thomas Muller, M.F.A.; Brian Olson, B.A.; Richard Parker, M.F.A.; Jennifer Phelps, M.F.A.; Pierre Picot, M.F.A.; Jean Robison, M.F.A.; Britt Salvesen, Ph.D.; Thomas Schorer, M.F.A.; Paul Sietsema, M.F.A.; Bennett Simpson, B.A.; Michael Stinson, B.A.; Gloria Sutton, Ph.D.; Jamie Sweetman, M.F.A.; Caroline Thomas, M.F.A.; Osvaldo Trujillo, M.F.A.; Erika Vogt, M.F.A.; Alexis Weidig, M.F.A.; Jennifer West, M.F.A.; Ewa Wojciak, M.F.A.; Mark Wyse, M.F.A.; Sue Yank, M.P.A.S.

Emeritus Professors: Kenneth Price, M.F.A.; Jay Willis, M.A.

*Recipient of university-wide or school teaching award.