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Political Economy and Public Policy

Van KleinSmid Center 328A
(213) 740-2138
FAX: (213) 740-0281
Email: cwise@usc.edu

Directors: John Odell and Carol Wise (International Relations)

Participating Faculty: See Economics, International Relations and Political Science in this catalogue.

The graduate program in political economy and public policy (PEPP) is offered jointly by the Department of Economics, the School of International Relations and the Department of Political Science. It is concerned with interactions between politics and economics and their relations to the policy process. It prepares students for careers in teaching, research, industry and government. A Doctor of Philosophy degree, normally requiring three to five years of study, is offered. The Master of Arts degree (M.A.) in PEPP requires successful completion of a comprehensive examination and 32 units of approved course work or the completion of at least 24 units of approved course work and completion of an acceptable thesis accompanied by registration in PEPP 594ab. Students who have already completed requirements for an M.A. degree in either economics, international relations, or political science will normally be able to apply much of their master’s program toward meeting requirements for the Ph.D. degree in PEPP. These programs are no longer admitting new students.

A student admitted to the Ph.D. program in PEPP who also wishes to pursue a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Economics or Political Science should apply directly to one of those departments for separate admission to the respective M.A. program.