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Gender Studies

Mark Taper Hall of Humanities 422
(213) 740-8286
FAX: (213) 740-6168

Chair: Lisa Bitel, Ph.D. (History)


Barbra Streisand Professor of Contemporary Gender Studies: Sharon Hays, Ph.D. (Sociology)

Professors: Lois Banner, Ph.D. (History); Joseph Boone, Ph.D. (English); Judith Halberstam, Ph.D. (English); Nancy Lutkehaus, Ph.D. (Anthropology); Michael Messner, Ph.D. (Sociology); Gloria Orenstein, Ph.D. (Comparative Literature); Sherry Marie Velasco, Ph.D. (Spanish and Portuguese); Walter Williams, Ph.D. (Anthropology)

Associate Professors: Sheila Briggs, Ph.D. (Religion); Alice Echols, Ph.D. (English); Tara McPherson, Ph.D. (Cinematic Arts)

Assistant Professor: Karen L. Tongson, Ph.D. (English)

Gender Studies Advisory Board

Professors: Elinor Accampo, Ph.D. (History); Lois Banner, Ph.D. (History); Judith Bennett, Ph.D. (History); Warren Bennis, Ph.D. (Business); David Cruz, Ph.D. (Law); Elizabeth Garrett, J.D. (Law); Diane Ghirardo, Ph.D. (Architecture); Barry Glassner, Ph.D. (Sociology); Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo, Ph.D. (Sociology); Janet Hoskins, Ph.D. (Anthropology); Eunice Howe, Ph.D. (Art History); Peggy Kamuf, Ph.D. (French & Italian); Mark Kann, Ph.D. (Political Science); Susan McCabe, Ph.D. (English); Beth Meyerowitz, Ph.D. (Psychology); Justin Pearlman, Ph.D. (Office of the Vice Provost); Azade-Ayse Rorlich, Ph.D. (History); Eliz Sanasarian, Ph. D. (Political Science); Hilary Schor, Ph.D. (English); Ellen Seiter, Ph.D. (Cinematic Arts); Carole Shammas, Ph.D. (History); David Sloane, Ph.D. (Policy, Planning, and Development); Melora Sundt, Ph.D. (Education); Ann Tickner, Ph.D. (International Relations); Ruth Wallach, M.L.S. (USC Libraries); Holly Willis, Ph.D. (Cinematic Arts); Diane Winston, Ph.D. (Journalism)

Associate Professors: Marjorie Becker, Ph.D. (History); Bettine Birge, Ph.D. (East Asian Languages and Cultures); Tracy Fullerton, Ph.D. (Cinematic Arts); Alice Gambrell, Ph.D. (English); Sharon Gillerman, Ph.D. (Hebrew Union College); Ange-Marie Hancock, Ph.D. (Political Science); Rebecca Lemon, Ph.D. (English); Paul Lerner, Ph.D. (History)

Assistant Professors: Kara Keeling, Ph.D. (Cinematic Arts); Lori Meeks, Ph.D. (Religion); Megan Reid, Ph.D. (Religion)

Lecturers: M.G. Lord, Ph.D. (Professional Writing); Amy Parish, Ph.D. (Anthropology and Gender Studies)

Administrative Associates: Susan Harris, Ph.D. (Joint Educational Project); Todd Henneman (Center for Women and Men); Danielle Lancon (Center for Women and Men); Brie Loskota, Ph.D. (Religion)

The Gender Studies Program explores, across disciplines and cultures, the changing roles, functions and images of women and men from feminist perspectives. The undergraduate major focuses on the evidence and argument about what the places of women and men are in culture and what they should be. Course offerings include interdisciplinary core courses, selected cross-listed classes in more than 20 departments and the upper-division community internship and senior seminar. Majors work with program faculty, in conjunction with College Advising, to develop a four-year program designed to meet their individual needs. The program also offers a minor and a graduate certificate for students majoring in other disciplines.