University of Southern California
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Chair: Timothy Biblarz, Ph.D.


Professors: Lynne Casper, Ph.D.; Barry Glassner, Ph.D.; Sharon Hays, Ph.D.; Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo, Ph.D.*; Paul Lichterman, Ph.D.; Michael Messner, Ph.D.*; H. Edward Ransford, Ph.D.*; Merril Silverstein, Ph.D.

Associate Professors: Timothy Biblarz, Ph.D.*; Nina Eliasoph, Ph.D.; Elaine Bell Kaplan, Ph.D.; Adele Pillitteri, Ph.D.; Leland Saito, Ph.D.

Assistant Professors: Amon Emeka, Ph.D.; Macarena Gomez-Barris, Ph.D.; Kelly Musick, Ph.D.; Veronica Terriquez, Ph.D.; Jody Agius Vallejo, Ph.D.

Research Professor: Jon Miller, Ph.D.*

Emeritus Professors: Constance Ahrons, Ph.D.; Vern Bengtson, Ph.D. (Gerontology); Lamar T. Empey, Ph.D.; Malcolm Klein; Thomas E. Lasswell, Ph.D.*; Maurice D. Van Arsdol, Jr., Ph.D.

*Recipient of university-wide or college teaching award.

Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Sociology offers a departmental major. The greater Los Angeles area provides a natural laboratory for studying such sociological themes as race relations, work and the workplace, the family in a changing society, population trends and crime. Some of the undergraduate courses involve field research in the urban environment. The department also offers a minor in sociology to students majoring in other disciplines, a minor in forensics and criminality and a variety of interdisciplinary minors.

Honors Program

Students with high GPAs in the major and overall (3.5 in the major and 3.25 overall) will be eligible to participate in an honors program consisting of two senior honors seminars and the completion of a significant piece of research under faculty guidance. Honor students will complete all major requirements and will take SOCI 494 and SOCI 495 in place of two theme area courses. SOCI 313 and SOCI 494 are prerequisites for SOCI 495.

Graduate Programs

The Department of Sociology offers the Master of Arts in Sociology and Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology.