University of Southern California
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Astronautics and Space Technology

Robert Glenn Rapp Engineering Research Building (RRB) 230
(213) 821-5817
FAX: (213) 821-5819

Chair: Mike Gruntman, Ph.D.


IBM Chair in Engineering Management: F. Stan Settles, Ph.D

Professors: Mike Gruntman, Ph.D. Aerospace Engineering, Systems Architecture Engineering); Darrell L. Judge, Ph.D. (Physics and Astronomy); Joseph A. Kunc, Ph.D. (Physics and Astronomy, Aerospace Engineering, Systems Architecture Engineering)

Associate Professor: Daniel A. Erwin, Ph.D.* (Aerospace Engineering)

Adjunct Professors: Robert Brodsky, Ph.D.; Gerald Hintz, Ph.D.; James Wertz, Ph.D.

Research Professors: Peter M. Will, Ph.D. (Industrial and Systems Engineering, Materials Science); Herbert Schorr, Ph.D. (Computer Science)

Research Associate Professor: Andrew Ketsdever, Ph.D. (Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering)

*Recipient of university-wide or school teaching award.

Aerospace Engineering Honor Society: Sigma Gamma Tau