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The USC Gayle Garner Roski School of Fine Arts was renamed in honor of the $23 million pledge by Los Angeles arts patrons Gayle Garner Roski and Edward P. Roski Jr. According to Dean Ruth Weisberg, “This gift will allow us to pursue our vision of the crucial role the arts can play in the 21st century and to take a leadership role in developing the art school of the future.”

The USC Roski School of Fine Arts provides a well-balanced education in the creative, interpretive and critical processes essential to practicing art. In lectures, seminars, studio work and one-on-one meetings, faculty and students energetically challenge fixed notions of art and culture. The distinguished, dedicated faculty comprises leading artists exhibiting in museums and galleries throughout the world. The school offers B.F.A. and B.A. degrees for undergraduate studies and Master’s degrees in Fine Arts and Public Art Studies.

Each year the school attracts approximately 275 undergraduate majors, over 1,000 liberal arts students and 50 graduate students. As the first art school in the region, the USC School of Fine Arts is committed to the frontier of artistic exploration. The school’s intermedia area is devoted to the expanding role of technology in the visual arts, while maintaining a strong foundation in traditional artistic practice. This broad-based education imbues students with an appreciation for the variety of artistic expression yet encourages them to discover their individual creative voices.

The school boasts excellent facilities. Equipped with 15 workstations supporting all intermedia software, the new Helene V. Galen Intermedia Lab is among the most sophisticated, up-to-date digital studios of its kind in a school of fine arts. The Makens Family Painting and Drawing Wing offers brand new classrooms specifically designed for the interaction of traditional media and state-of-the-art technology. Other facilities include two spacious photography studios with all new equipment and superb studios for woodwork, metalwork and ceramics. The Architecture and Fine Arts Library houses more than 75,000 volumes, including unique special collections and more than 250,000 slides. USC is a major cultural center in Los Angeles, and work by students, faculty and renowned artists is regularly exhibited at the Helen Lindhurst Fine Arts Gallery, the new Gayle and Ed Roski Master of Fine Arts Graduate Gallery and the USC Fisher Gallery.

Southern California provides a fertile cultural environment for the practice and study of fine arts. In Los Angeles, there are more galleries and museums per capita than anywhere else on the planet. These include the Getty Center, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), the Norton Simon Museum, and the Pacific Asia Museum, as well as hundreds of commercial galleries and alternative spaces, many in close proximity to the campus. Museums, galleries, advertising agencies, design firms, artist studios, and the music and film industries offer a wealth of internship and employment opportunities.

Watt Hall of Architecture
and Fine Arts 104
(213) 740-2787
FAX: (213) 740-8938


Ruth Weisberg, M.A., Dean


Professors: David Bunn, M.F.A.; Jud Fine, M.F.A.; Robbert Flick, M.F.A.*; Ron Rizk, M.F.A.; Ruth Weisberg, M.A.*; Jay S. Willis, M.A.

Associate Professors: Bob Alderette, M.F.A.; Margaret Lazzari, M.F.A.*; Sharon Lockhart, M.F.A.; Margit Omar, M.F.A.*; Christiane Robbins, M.F.A.

Assistant Professors: Frances Stark, M.F.A.; Charlie White, M.F.A.; Andrea Zittel, M.F.A.

Lecturers: Lisa Auerbach, M.F.A.*; Tanya Batura, M.F.A.; Tad Beck, M.F.A.; Cherie Benner-Davis, M.F.A.; Kenny Berger, M.F.A.; Anne Bray, M.F.A.; Justin Bua, M.F.A.; Caroline Clerc, M.F.A.; Robbie Conal, M.F.A.; Jessica Cusick, M.A.; Drew Dominick, M.F.A.; Shannon Ebner, M.F.A.; Bart Esposito, M.F.A.; David Folender, M.F.A.; Danielle Foushee, M.F.A.; Sherin Guirguis, M.F.A.; Carmine Iannacone, M.F.A.; Helen Kim, M.F.A.; Karen Koblitz, M.F.A.; Cindy Kolodziejski, M.F.A.; Zipporah Lax-Yamamoto, M.A.; Caryl Levy, M.A.; Ferdinand Lewis, M.A.; Haven Lin-Kirk, M.F.A.; Barbara McCarren, M.F.A.; Karen Moss, Ph.D.; Thomas Muller, M.F.A.; Trevor Norris, M.F.A.; Brian Olson, B.A.; Janet Owen, M.F.A.; Jorge Pardo, M.F.A.; Richard Parker, M.F.A.; Julia Paull, M.F.A.; Thomas Schorer, M.F.A.; Carole Silverstein, M.F.A.; Francesco Siqueros, M.F.A.; Michael Sy, M.F.A.; Joel Tauber, M.F.A.; Osvaldo Trujillo, M.F.A.; Linda Venis, Ph.D.; Erika Vogt, M.F.A.; Alexis Weidig, M.F.A.; Sarah Welch, M.A.; Dee Williams, M.F.A.; Holly Willis, Ph.D.; Ewa Wojciak, M.F.A.

Adjunct Assistant Professors: Hisako Asano, M.F.A.; Ann Page, B.F.A.

Emeritus Professors: Keith A. Crown, B.F.A.; Edgar Ewing, B.F.A.

*Recipient of university-wide or school teaching award.