University of Southern California
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The USC Graduate School

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As one of the nation's largest private research universities, USC provides graduate students with an intensive educational experience coupled with research opportunities.

Graduate studies had their formal beginnings at the University of Southern California in 1910, and 1923 marked the official constitution of the Graduate School of the university.

Graduate and professional education at USC prepares students for leadership in research, teaching, the application of knowledge and professional practice. Excellence in graduate and professional education is critically dependent on the interaction of faculty members and students. The values that characterize these interactions include dedication to excellence, mutual respect, fairness, collegiality, honesty and integrity.

The USC Graduate School is responsible for those academic and professional affairs of the university which relate to the degree programs offered through the Graduate School. The Graduate School also participates in general university affairs relating to graduate and professional education and research. The role of the Graduate School includes ensuring that the establishment and administration of graduate programs within the university are consistent with the academic goals of the university as a whole, fostering quality in all phases of graduate education in compliance with standards applied to the best graduate schools throughout the nation; encouraging the involvement of faculty in determining policies and standards for research and teaching, standards for admission and academic progress, and in the review and assessment of academic programs; and helping students entering graduate programs obtain the maximum benefit from the teaching, learning and research activities of the university.


Joseph B. Hellige, Ph.D., Dean and Vice Provost for Academic Programs

John Dreher, Ph.D., Associate Dean, The Graduate School

Julena Lind, Ph.D., Associate Dean, The Graduate School

Jean Morrison, Ph.D., Associate Dean, The Graduate School