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USC Annenberg School for Communication

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State-of-the-art facilities and special programs -- "Impact," the Emmy-winning television newsmagazine; the Daily Trojan; "Annenberg TV News"; and the online journalism program -- give students hands-on experience that puts theory into practice each day.

The Annenberg School for Communication, established in 1971 through the generosity of Ambassador Walter H. Annenberg, offers a wide range of instructional and research programs through its Schools of Communication and Journalism.

Entertainment, technology and global trade are powerful forces in the world today, and the Annenberg School, located in a "multimedia mecca" (the National Science Foundation has designated USC as the country's primary multimedia research center), plays a vital role in the growth of all three areas. USC Annenberg programs combine policy-oriented activism with cutting-edge research and teaching, and the school is providing leadership in areas ranging from the quality of civic discourse, to journalism ethics, to global communication. The opportunities are boundless, and USC Annenberg aims to link its programs to cultural, political, technological and social developments around the globe.

With a state-of-the-art online electronic newsroom and digital editing equipment for television news production, the School of Journalism is at the forefront of efforts to prepare students for the technological challenges of the new information age, while maintaining the highest ethical standards of journalistic practice. The School of Communication's new experiential learning laboratory facilitates interactive exploration and simulation of the many facets of communication. Students examine the processes and effects of discourse occurring in interpersonal, cross-cultural, public, international, organizational and mass media contexts.

USC Annenberg alumni fill top posts throughout the communication and media industries -- including television, radio, newspapers, telecommunication, multimedia, advertising, public relations and publishing -- as well as in government, education and nonprofit agencies around the world. Through active involvement with USC Annenberg, they remain an invaluable resource to students and faculty.

Annenberg faculty are prize-winning journalism professionals and renowned communication scholars who are distinguished by their teaching ability and research excellence. Their enthusiasm and expertise in these dynamic fields challenge and energize students enrolled in Annenberg School programs and prepare them to become communication leaders of the future.


Geoffrey Cowan, LL.B., Dean

Thomas A. Hollihan, Ph.D., Associate Dean, Faculty and Academic Affairs

Martin H. Kaplan, Ph.D., Associate Dean, Programs and Planning

Rebecca Avila, M.P.A., Associate Dean, Administration

Janet Fulk, Director, Strategic Initiatives