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Interdisciplinary research brings archaeologist Lynn Swartz Dodd, undergraduate student Brett Strom and Associate Professor of Religion Bruce Zuckerman together to examine artifacts at the Archaeological Research Center in Taper Hall.

USC College is the liberal arts center of the University of Southern California, teaching more than 10,000 undergraduates. It offers instruction in the humanities, the natural sciences and the social sciences, leading to bachelor of arts and bachelor of science degrees. The programs of the college provide both a broad liberal arts education and a thorough grounding in an academic discipline. Breadth is supplied by the general education program and electives. Departmental majors, interdisciplinary majors, and special programs and minors provide depth.

USC College combines two "worlds" -- the world of the self-contained liberal arts school, with small classes and close working relationships between students and faculty, and the larger world of the research university, where new ventures and new ideas are being explored by internationally known scholars. This combination makes the college a supportive and exciting place to learn.

USC College offers many opportunities for post-baccalaureate study. Graduate programs within the college leading to master's degrees and doctor of philosophy degrees are administered through the USC Graduate School.


Joseph Aoun, Ph.D., Dean, College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

Roger D. Stewart, Ph.D., Senior Associate Dean of Administration and Planning

Beth E. Meyerowitz, Ph.D., Dean of Faculty

David Haugland, B.A., Associate Dean of Faculty

Sarah Pratt, Ph.D., Dean of Academic Programs

Jane M. Cody, Ph.D., Associate Dean of Academic Programs

Donal T. Manahan, Ph.D., Dean of Research

James R. McElwain, A.I.A., Senior Administrator

Richard Tithecott, Ph.D., Assistant Administrative Director

Margo Steurbaut, C.P.A., M.S.T., Senior Associate Dean of Business and Finance

Jane Armstrong, M.B.A., Director, College Admissions

Richard Fliegel, Ph.D., Assistant Dean of Academic Programs

Robin Romans, Ph.D., Director, Thematic Option and College Honors Programs

Departments and Programs

American Language Institute
American Studies and Ethnicity
Art History
Biological Sciences
Center for Feminist Studies
Comparative Literature
Earth Sciences
East Asian Languages and Cultures
East Asian Studies Center
Environmental Studies
French and Italian
Freshman Seminars
Gender Studies
Health and Humanity
Interdisciplinary Major
International Relations
Jesse M. Unruh Institute of Politics
Judaic Studies
Law and Society
Ocean Sciences
Peace and Conflict Studies
Physics and Astronomy
Political Economy and Public Policy
Political Science
Slavic Languages and Literatures
Spanish and Portuguese
Writing Program

Additional Programs Administered by the College

Freshman Seminars
General Education
Joint Educational Project
Learning Communities
Overseas Studies
Resident Honors Program
Supplemental Instruction
Thematic Option

Graduate Studies in Letters, Arts and Sciences

Graduate studies leading to the Master's and Ph.D. degrees are available within most departments of the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences. Candidates for graduate degrees must complete both the departmental requirements listed for each degree and the general requirements set by the Graduate School.